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A Sankofic Journey

Sunday, October 29, 2017

With the recent launch of Making Kenke From Memory: A Sankofic Journey, poet KaBu Ma'at Kheru and publisher SenYAcum Publishing hope to add to the international conversation of the relationships between the Caribbean and African diaspora.

The book was unveiled to the local market at an event held at The Institute of Jamaica in downtown Kingston.

“I'm very thankful for the positive reaction to the book,” Kheru told the Jamaica Observer.

Containing 28 poems split across four time periods, the book examines the age of slavery through to the modern day as the author seeks to put the African heritage in its true context.

“I don't see them as separate poems, but as really one long poem,” she explained.

At the launch, Kheru expounded on the title, indicating it came from her own roots and the African tradition of the passing down of specific customs through action. The project is the culmination of several years of her research of Jamaica and Africa.

“I'd been working on it for a few years now due to the length of the research. However, it took three months to put everything together. The final poem was written in Egypt as I found myself inspired to do so when I was there,” she said.

This is the third book of poetry for Kheru, and the third published by SenYAcum Publishing.

“What we envision at SenYAcum is to live the art of life, transform lives and shape the future. We have to tell our own story and dictate our own narrative. So when we were approached with Making Kenke from Memory by KaBu, whom I've known for over quarter century, the book spoke to me as a publisher and a poet and is harmony with our mission statement,” Yasus Afari of SenYAcum Publishing said.

Yasus Afari said the book will be made available in all the major formats, print and digital.