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Report corrupt JPs!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Dear Editor,

The Lay Magistrates Association of Jamaica (LMAJ) has viewed with concern recent statements made at a justice of the peace training session regarding the way some justices of the peace operate in the execution of their duties.

The LMAJ condemns the action of any justice of the peace who allows themselves to be controlled by gangsters as this is a serious breach of the conduct on the office.

This also leads to corruption within the office of justice of the peace.

The collection of payment for services rendered and the sale of government documents, such as passport application forms, is yet another breach which will only bring the office of justice of the peace into question.

To these the LMAJ calls for the strongest action to be taken against these individuals who are caught engaging in these illegal practices.

At the same time, the LMAJ is calling on well-thinking and honest Jamaicans to report these justices of the peace who operate in this corrupt manner to the custos of the parish and the police.

On the matter of justices of the peace giving recommendation to individuals outside of the parish in which they live and operate, the LMAJ wishes to refer to those accusing justices of the peace to the Justice of the Peace Act of 2018, which gives expanded roles to justices of the peace.

The LMAJ at no time will accept justices of the peace within its ranks who continue to bring the office into disrepute, but will seek to have such individuals removed.


Errol Greene, JP


Lay Magistrates Association of Jamaica

Kingston 5