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Park Mtn Primary the better for First Global

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the board of governors, staff and students of Park Mountain Primary School I am expressing my deepest appreciation to the management and staff of First Global Bank for their involvement in our school activities over the last academic year.

We are most grateful to them for selecting us to be a part of their Perfect Pitch in Schools initiative. We have certainly seen an improvement in the performance of the students who were selected to be involved in the music programme as well as the general school population. These students have reported that they are much more appreciative of music and musical instruments. They are even those who have begun the process of learning to play an instrument. We are extremely proud of their enthusiasm and progress thus far.

We are aware of the impact of music on the developing brain and we are most grateful to be given the opportunity to expose our students in this manner. We want to thank the organisation for its vision and initiative in implementing this programme. We are forever grateful as the lives of our students have been impacted in a positive way. This is a huge part of our mission as a school and we are thankful for the partnership.

We are also most grateful to the staff of First Global Bank for being involved in our Read Across Jamaica Day as well as our Labour Day activities. They all excelled at their assigned duties whether it was painting a wall, gardening or reading to our students. We thank them for their involvement and participation.

It is our greatest desire to continue to nurture this special relationship as we partner together for the advancement of Jamaica's children.


Carlene Williams-Heath


Park Mountain Primary School

St Elizabeth