Don't erode the gains made in our electoral system

Jamaica has come a far way in being able to execute parliamentary and municipal elections that are free and fair. Of this we are proud because our history is dotted by many stories of voter intimidation and downright fraud. Read More

Should Jamaica prepare for an accidental nuclear war?
Asked the question above, every sane Jamaican would say an unhesitating 'yes'. So the bigger question is: How should we prepare for the eventuality of an accidental nuclear war?... Read More

An appeal for Haiti
It was quite painful to read the appeal by the Haitian Government last week for US$252 million in aid to respond to natural disasters this year.... Read More

Where President Trump went wrong
Whether you think he is stable or a genius, and whether you like what he says or not, you know exactly what he is thinking because President Donald Trump speaks his mind. This makes life very simple because it obviates the need to decipher the message and there is no need to parse any...... Read More

VARs are indeed a forward step for football

Saturday, January, 13 2018    

An article in the UK Guardian newspaper last November explaining the video assistant referees (VAR) system being used in football highlighted an interesting and almost amusing position held by some of the sport's decision-makers. Read More

Be prepared for natural disasters of all kinds

Friday, January, 12 2018    

The assurance by the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) that it has been “doing quite a lot” in the area of informing and educating Jamaicans how to respond to forces of nature, such as tsunamis, is... Read More

Houston (Kingston) we have a problem!

Thursday, January, 11 2018    

We were absolutely taken aback by the latest police figures showing a fairly significant drop in robberies and break-ins last year in comparison with the previous year. Read More

End political interference in the police force

Wednesday, January, 10 2018    

The strained relationship between Police Commissioner George Quallo and National Security Minister Robert Montague cannot be good for the country, especially given the high rate of crime, particularly murders, being experienced at this time. Read More

Political solution needed to solve crime problem

Tuesday, January, 9 2018    

We in this space have never been more convinced of the need for a political solution to our crime problem than now, after a year when murders topped an abominable 1,600. Read More

Fattening the children a clear and present danger

Monday, January, 8 2018    

The findings of the 2017 National Council on Drug Abuse Jamaica School Health Survey are indeed cause for concern which, thankfully, the education and health ministries seem determined to address. Read More

Climate Resilience Zone a smart move

Sunday, January, 7 2018    

The Caribbean's economic development over the last 20 years has been seriously hampered by adverse external economic events such as oil price spikes and the perennial damage from natural disasters, notably hurricanes. Read More

Good reason to support Sigma Corporate Run

Saturday, January, 6 2018    

Sagicor Jamaica's announcement that one of the beneficiaries of this year's Sigma Corporate Run is the Spanish Town Hospital Special Care Unit is most pleasing. Read More

Palisadoes debacle: Lawlessness at the core of our rampant criminality

Friday, January, 5 2018    

Television footage of the shameful debacle on the Palisadoes road Monday night that led to the huge traffic pile-up has further confirmed the point we made in this space yesterday that indiscipline and lawlessness are this nation's Achilles heel. Read More

We better learn from the farce at Palisadoes

Thursday, January, 4 2018    

The ill-fated Sandz party on the Palisadoes strip leading to the Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA) on Monday, has brutally exposed the depth of the indiscipline and lawlessness that are this nation's Achilles heel. Read More

Crime is indeed a national emergency

Wednesday, January, 3 2018    

The arrival of a new year has always been greeted with some amount of optimism that there will be general improvement in our lives. Read More


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