Mr Ian Boyne brought an open mind, not an open mouth, to the debate

Tuesday, December, 19 2017    

The face and voice of journalist extraordinaire Mr Ian Boyne are etched in the minds of every adult Jamaican alive, not because they have seen and heard him for nearly four decades, but for the brand of journalism he practised consistently and with great panache. Read More

Settle this Obeah issue once and for all

Monday, December, 18 2017    

Back in 2012/13, an intriguing discussion arose in Parliament and the wider society surrounding Obeah, which remains illegal although it is widely practised and is indeed embedded in Jamaican culture. Read More

Moore or less: Lessons from Alabama, United States

Sunday, December, 17 2017    

The state of Alabama in the United States, renowned for slavery and confederacy, elected Mr Doug Jones to the Senate — the first time in 25 years that a Democrat was being voted into office in that state. Read More

Tough times continue for West Indies cricket

Saturday, December, 16 2017    

It could be argued that with the West Indies ranked eighth in the ICC Test match rankings, and hosts New Zealand fourth, their recent two-Test series was always going to be a no-contest. Read More

ANC needs to choose Mr Zuma's successor carefully

Friday, December, 15 2017    

If, as expected, Mr Jacob Zuma steps down as president of the African National Congress (ANC) next week, he will hopefully set South Africa on a path to recovering some amount of the dignity that his presidency has eroded over the past few years. Read More

Country needs answers about massive gun find, not politicking

Thursday, December, 14 2017    

It was reported that a month ago the United States Customs and Border Protection and Outbound Enforcement Team at the Miami International Airport intercepted a shipment of 115 guns and more than 200 assorted rounds of ammunition destined for Montego Bay, St James. Since it was not being... Read More

Learn from China's 'Dragonfly Eye' to fight crime

Wednesday, December, 13 2017    

On Monday, this week, we were drawn by reports of China's investment in what it has said is “the world's biggest camera surveillance network”. Read More

Support for low-crime areas might be too late to save Mr Montague

Tuesday, December, 12 2017    

It may not come in time to save National Security Minister Robert Montague's job, but the Government's decision to allocate funds to address problems in communities with very low crime rates is another sensible idea. Read More

Raising children properly for the greater good of all

Monday, December, 11 2017    

True to their pledge to save lives, staff and managers of Kingston Public Hospital in downtown Kingston are justifiably happy after keeping gunshot victims alive during October. Read More

Social media, traditional news media and fake news

Sunday, December, 10 2017    

Last week, one of Jamaica's most senior journalists raised the issue of the veracity and accuracy of information purveyed by social media and suggested that the better option is to rely on the traditional news media because they adhere to standards which do not... Read More

Air pollution a threat to sport

Saturday, December, 9 2017    

Cricket lovers watching the recent drawn third and final cricket Test between hosts India and Sri Lanka witnessed an extraordinary sight — that of fielders wearing face masks because of poor air quality. Read More

Place equal focus on the sponsors of murder and mayhem

Friday, December, 8 2017    

We are not surprised by the news that emerged on Wednesday about the seizure at Miami International Airport of more than 100 illegal firearms and over 200 assorted rounds of ammunition destined for Jamaica. Read More

All-inclusive resorts: O how soon we forget

Thursday, December, 7 2017    

Towards the end of the 1970s, crime, particularly murders, began to take a heavy toll on Jamaica which, before that, was known as a haven of friendly people, and even “paradise” to many visitors seeking to escape the icy chill of the north. Read More

Mr Lowell Hawthorne was a good man

Wednesday, December, 6 2017    

We can't begin to imagine the pain being felt by the family of Mr Lowell Hawthorne, arguably the most successful black Jamaican in business overseas, who tragically passed away last Saturday in New York. Read More

Brexit: Breaking up is so hard to do

Tuesday, December, 5 2017    

Breaking up is difficult at the best of times and more so when the couple has been bound by law. Getting through the legal process of separation is so complex that specialist lawyers usually have to be hired by both parties who are often left antagonistic towards each... Read More


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