Public sector reform and this new IMF deal

Prime Minister Andrew Holness

Last week Prime Minister Andrew Holness revealed that his Government had negotiated with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) staff a “high access” precautionary three-year Stand-By Arrangement worth US$1.7 billion, or just under double the US$932 million of the soon expiring four-year ... Read More

Spice When not to ‘Spice up’ an event
The current brouhaha over the premature end to the performance of Ms Grace Hamilton, stage name &lsq ... Read More

Chief Justice Zaila McCalla observing a parade and march past during the ceremonial opening of the Hilary Session of the Home Circuit Court on
January 7, at the Supreme Court, downtown Kingston. (Photo: JIS) A plea for the justice system
It’s not a secret that the island’s justice system is being hobbled by a lack of resourc ... Read More

Donald Trump If the US presidential elections are rigged...
The free world, which proudly includes Jamaica, relies heavily on the United States to remain the gr ... Read More

God helps those who help themselves

Monday, October 17, 2016    

MONTAGUE ... the spate of crime didn’t start on February 25, 2016

Like most Jamaicans, Mr Robert Montague obviously has a belief system firmly grounded in religious faith. He tells us he was chosen by God to lead Jamaica’s fight against crime. However, it’s also obvious, that, while the national security minister believes in divine intervention and the power of prayer, he also knows that God helps those who help themselves. Hence his assertion that resolving Jamaica’s crime problems will require “unity, hard work, a political will, ... Read More

50 years of productive relations: Viva Mexico! Viva Jamaica!

Sunday, October 16, 2016    

Mexico’s Jesus Manuel Corona (right) prepares to go by Jamaica’s Garath McCleary.

Mexico, one of the powers of the western hemisphere and an influential country in international affairs generally, has been an important and decidedly essential partner in Central America and the Caribbean. The Spanish-speaking country has been an ally of the Caribbean and at times stood with the region against the United States — for example, on the US embargo against Cuba. One of its most enduring relations in the Caribbean has been with Jamaica, and this year marks 50 years of formal ... Read More

The country cannot continue like this

Friday, October 14, 2016    

One of the houses on March Pen Road, Spanish Town, which was torched by gunmen after killing the
occupants early Sunday morning. (Photo: Joseph Wellington)

The seemingly unending cycle of violent crime that has been affecting this country for decades can easily weigh you down with a sense of hopelessness. It’s not easy, we admit, waking up to news of another atrocity, such as that committed in March Pen, St Catherine on Sunday morning. Five Jamaicans — Ms Salesha Evans, 24; her nine-year-old son Revaughn Evans; Ms Venisha Bartley, 22; her two-year-old daughter Koyandra Wynter; and 14-year-old Marvin Campbell Jr — are now, unfo ... Read More

If we are serious about rectifying the shame of Armadale

Thursday, October 13, 2016    

The front of the Supreme Court building in downtown Kingston. (Observer file photo)

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled in favour of six former wards of the Armadale Juvenile Correctional Centre, setting the stage for settlement of cases for another 26 girls who brought claims against the Government for breaches of their constitutional rights. Readers will recall the absolute shame visited upon this country on May 22, 2009 when fire destroyed the Armadale facility where they were being held. Seven girls lost their lives in the fire, while several others were injured. The cause ... Read More

Win or lose, the Grand Old Party faces an uncertain future

Wednesday, October 12, 2016    

Donald Trump

The fissures in the Republican Party a month before the United States presidential elections are ominous signs that the Grand Old Party (GOP) may lose the White House for a third consecutive term and face an uncertain future. There is open warfare between presidential nominee Mr Donald Trump, who represents the blue collar-driven base of the party, and Mr Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House and the highest ranking elected Republican who represents the party elite. To be sure, the relationship ... Read More

Give to Haiti, but let the UN co-ordinate aid

Tuesday, October 11, 2016    

We are not at all surprised at the stark differences in the death toll figures being reported out of Haiti after the south-western region of that country was struck by Hurricane Matthew last week. Yesterday, the Associated Press reported Mr Guillaume Silvera, a senior official with the Civil Protection Agency in Grand-Anse, which includes Jérémie, one of the affected towns, as saying that at least 522 deaths were confirmed there alone. That did not include people in several remot ... Read More

Enough is enough!

Monday, October 10, 2016    

The story ‘Vicious dog attack!’ in yesterday’s Sunday Observer is yet more evidence of the deep-rooted tendency in Jamaica to treat serious issues as nine-day wonders. The story of an attack on a mother and her two young children by pit bulls in St Andrew in early March is horrific. The mother, Ms Aleiya Chin of St Andrew, says her five-year-old son seems to have developed long-term medical issues as a direct result of the attack. Even more horrifying, a story from the news a ... Read More

IMF, World Bank have no solution for global economic malaise

Sunday, October 09, 2016    

The state of the global economy is of vital importance to the economic growth and well-being of small, highly open developing economies such as Jamaica. In the case of Jamaica, the price of the most important imports reflect conditions in the global economy, for example, oil and food. Also, the global economy influences the main inflows of foreign exchange — tourism and remittances. Therefore, the discussions in international fora are not esoteric and irrelevant to what happens in the Ja ... Read More

WI women hoping to shine amid the gloom

Saturday, October 08, 2016    

West Indies cricketers celebrate after winning the World T20 cricket tournament women’s final against Australia at The Eden Gardens Cricket Stadium in Kolkata, India.

Gloom hung low as the first batch of West Indies cricketers departed for United Arab Emirates last month following the axing of their coach Mr Phil Simmons on, or just before, the day of their departure. Three weeks later, the gloom remains. The West Indies have lost all six limited overs games — three Twenty20 matches and three One-Day Internationals (ODIs) – against their hosts Pakistan by very substantial margins. They were a shadow of the team guided by Mr Simmons which so glor ... Read More

The task ahead for the new UN secretary general

Friday, October 07, 2016    

This file photo taken on April 12, 2016 shows Antonio Guterres speaking to reporters on the selection of the next UN Secretary-General at the UN headquarters in New York. 
(Photo: CMC)

The fact that none of the 15 members of the United Nations Security Council opposed the candidacy of Mr Antonio Guterres as the next UN secretary general is an indication of the respect that he has earned in his years with the organisation. Indeed, people who keep abreast of international affairs will recall that earlier this year Mr Anibal Cavaco Silva, the former Portuguese president, was reported by Agence France Press as saying that the legacy Mr Guterres left at the United Nations High Com ... Read More



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