Free advice to J'can Gov't on Canada's legalisation of ganja

WE have some unsolicited advice for the Government of Jamaica, in light of the legalisation of cannabis, or ganja, by the Government of Canada. Read More

Bolt's lesson: Never question your self-belief
Dear Editor,In recent weeks Jamaicans have been forced to face a particular headline that, most may never have been prepared for. What is that you may ask?... Read More

In honour of a great Jamaican
The extraordinary Jamaican sprinter Mrs Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce wasn't always a winner.... Read More

Mrs Cuthbert Flynn will face the cowardice of colleague politicians in the abortion debate
One of the great ironies in life here is that some of our loudest proponents of democracy are at the sane time among the most virulently opposed to the holding of a referendum to decide issues that Jamaicans find hardest to resolve.... Read More

Unsung heroes, the backbone of a nation

Monday, October, 15 2018    

Both Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips had much to say about community in their National Heroes' Day messages. Read More

UN climate change report is final warning

Sunday, October, 14 2018    

Over many years, there have been numerous reports, scientific articles and books warning of the catastrophic results of unchecked climate change. Some have chosen to disregard these warnings, others have felt that nothing can be done to ameliorate the process, and yet others have... Read More

Rev Clarke's literacy disclosure a sad reality

Friday, October, 12 2018    

The entire nation should be bemoaning and, as a minimum, giving serious thought to the revelation by Rev Carl Clarke, the priest in charge of Sts Philip and James Catholic Church in Lucea, Hanover. Read More

Mr Montague was shuffled out, but what is Dr Tufton's excuse?

Thursday, October, 11 2018    

As a country we have been so often suckered by politicians and their promises that we run the risk of just hissing our teeth each time a major announcement is made. Read More

Plastics ban: When one door is closed, another will open

Wednesday, October, 10 2018    

We note a news report that the Government is close to launching a public education campaign focused on the impending ban on importing, manufacturing, distributing for use of specific categories of environmentally unfriendly plastic packaging. Read More

Tiptoeing around sex and the elderly

Tuesday, October, 9 2018    

Director of monitoring, evaluation and research at the National Family Planning Board (NFPB) Dr Tazhmoye Crawford has just done policy formulators and senior citizens of Jamaica what we would regard as a huge favour. Read More

As we reach out to Haiti, remember we too are in danger

Monday, October, 8 2018    

We feel for Haiti, our neighbour to the east, which has yet again been dealt a cruel blow by nature. Read More

The benefits of bipartisan consensus on economic policy

Sunday, October, 7 2018    

When the two main political parties in a country have very different approaches to economic policy the result is often disastrous. Read More

Sport academies the answer to 'academics vs sport' debate

Saturday, October, 6 2018    

Last month in this space we hailed the initiative of Mr Peter Gould in launching the Mount Pleasant Football Academy as having the potential to transform Jamaica's football. Read More

Keep going, Commissioner Anderson, but...

Friday, October, 5 2018    

The call for a more public relations-driven commissioner of police is increasing in the chat rooms, on radio programmes, and even among those who ought to know better. Read More

A place we have been before and can be again

Thursday, October, 4 2018    

A story on coastal clean-up in Rocky Point, Clarendon, in yesterday's Jamaica Observer, reminds us not only of the need for people to keep their environment clean but also of the great value of volunteerism and community service. Read More


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