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Weeping and wailing over departing nurses won't solve the problem

There is much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth every time it emerges that Jamaican nurses are being lured away by superior pay and conditions of service in foreign countries. But that is to no avail. Read More

Now let's build on those successful talks with the US
From all reports, the two-day visit to Jamaica by United States Secretary of State Michael Pompeo was successful.Not that we expected anything less; for, as we have repeatedly stated in this space, Kingston and Washington have, for decades, enjoyed an excellent...... Read More

Ship ahoy! Port Royal game-changer
On Monday morning, January 20, 2020, the British people sailing into Port Royal were not the buccaneers of the 17th century and they did not come in on brigantines, frigates or galleons, some with their masts frightfully displaying skulls and bones.... Read More

Mr Pompeo's visit an opportunity for our region
The concern in some quarters about the two-day working visit to Jamaica that United States Secretary of State Michael Pompeo is scheduled to begin today is somewhat misplaced. ... Read More

Ambassador Tapia, a true friend of Jamaica

Monday, January, 20 2020    

We welcome United States Ambassador Donald Tapia's declaration that his Government is proud to stand together with Jamaica in defence of religious freedom, firm in our belief that people must be free to practise their faith without any fear of persecution. Read More

Keep an eye on those critical trade deals

Sunday, January, 19 2020    

If one is to judge by the number of comments made on editorials in this newspaper, Jamaicans appear to be more substantially glued to local events, perhaps understandably so, as local developments touch closer home. Read More

VAR delivering as promised, but review of one aspect needed

Saturday, January, 18 2020    

Given the level of opposition to the use of video assistant referee (VAR) technology in football, we had expected some amount of controversy to hover over on-field decisions by officials.We see that playing out now in England's Premier League, especially as it... Read More

Ms Georgia Dyer's excellent example of fortitude

Friday, January, 17 2020    

Ms Georgia Dyer's teenage experience is not unique. Indeed, there are a quite a number of young people who, unfortunately, engage in sexual activity early and become parents. Read More

A knife in the heart; a heart-warming gesture

Thursday, January, 16 2020    

Two items of news carried in yesterday's edition of this newspaper have gone straight to the heart in portraying, at one and the same time, the evil that men do and the goodness of which people are capable. Read More

Intimate partner violence is everyone's business

Wednesday, January, 15 2020    

This issue of intimate partner violence is not new to Jamaica. In fact, it is a major problem globally. Read More

Has Police Commissioner Anderson seen the light?

Tuesday, January, 14 2020    

We think Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson has a clear understanding of the very critical situation in which this country finds itself with regards to crime, particularly homicides. Read More

Ex-cons deserve a chance too

Monday, January, 13 2020    

Such is the level of crime and its devastating effects on society it is hard for most Jamaicans to show much sympathy to convicted prisoners. Read More

Wanted: bold ideas that do not damage electoral democracy

Sunday, January, 12 2020    

Globally, electoral democracy has entered an uncertain new phase, giving rise to the following concerns: Read More

'One step at a time' is always best

Saturday, January, 11 2020    

The late, legendary Jamaican Olympian Mr Herb McKenley was a wonderful storyteller. He enjoyed the telling of the famous 4x400m relay run for the gold medal at the Helsinki Olympics of 1952. Read More

Stop playing political football with the minimum wage

Friday, January, 10 2020    

We have long ceased to be amazed at the things politicians will say to attract votes. Indeed, making promises is part and parcel of politicking, because electorates are drawn to grand designs and the grander the better. Read More


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