Budgetary priorities and passing the 'people's test'

In the latest Don Anderson polls, Audley Shaw, minister of finance, was ranked as one of the lowest-performing ministers of the Andrew Holness-led Administration, on par with the embattled Minister of National Security Robert “Bobby” Montague. In a way, this... Read More

Public sector wages negotiations an albatross around the neck of Jamaica
 ... Read More

Let's loudly reject Bunting's insinuations
On the eve of our most recent by-elections, the People's National Party's (PNP) Peter Bunting made certain disparaging comments about Jamaica Labour Party candidate, Rhodes scholar Dr Nigel Clarke. I was pleasantly surprised at the public pushback and hope it...... Read More

Audit time management in our schools
EverY so often we read about a public school being audited. Invariably, this is a financial audit. After serving for decades as an educator, I have Identified one area that deserves far more scrutiny in schools and that is the use of our children's time. If one agrees...... Read More

Political hack parading as journalist supporting failing Gaston Browne

By Mikey Joseph | Monday, March, 12 2018    

ST JOHN'S Antigua -- Gaston Browne mouth piece and Labour Party sympathiser Melanius Alphonse has suddenly found his voice again, launching a series of fictional articles on a 'news' site called Caribbean News Now, which everyone knows is a fabricated farce 'sponsored' by... Read More

The call for gender equality in J'can politics

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, March, 12 2018    

Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport Olivia “Babsy” Grange was guest lecturer at the Women's Political Caucus's Annual Rose Leon Lecture last Monday. So exceptional was her data-rich presentation on gender equality for women in politics that... Read More

Will Black Panther improve black consciousness?

Shaka Barak | Monday, March, 12 2018    

Like perhaps millions of others, I purchased tickets to add to the US$360 - US$387 million in sales worldwide for the première weekend to see the movie Black Panther . On Monday, February 20, 2018, Black... Read More

Peter Bunting jolly well knew what he was saying and doing

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, March, 11 2018    

Wisdom is not like money to be tied up and hidden. — Akan proverb  Read More

Great moments in World Cup recalled

Lance Neita | Sunday, March, 11 2018    

For football fans all over the world 2018 officially starts on June 14 when the referee blows the whistle in the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow for the kick-off of the opening World Cup match between Russia and Saudi Arabia. That's the magic moment when the world's best... Read More

The new MP and the new commissioner

Al Miller | Sunday, March, 11 2018    

The head learns new things, but the heart forever practices old experiences. — Henry Ward Beecher  Read More

Let's end the practice of idle promises

Canute Thompson | Sunday, March, 11 2018    

It is said that Jamaica's national character is Brer Anancy, who is known for his ginnalship. The defining quality of Brer Anancy is in being able to mislead the same set of people every time he wishes. The people of Jamaica need to stop allowing ourselves to be mocked,... Read More

Bunting, Roper have 'dissed' the ambition of an entire nation

James Moss-Solomon | Sunday, March, 11 2018    

It is a sad moment in the history of Jamaica when we finally have to realise that the crass politics and their accompanying utterances leave very little hope for natural evolution. Read More

Who am I? My life and leadership

By Edward Seaga | Sunday, March, 11 2018    

Part 1: OverviewMy decision to do a three-part series on my life and leadership of my political career is to clear doubts, ignorance, or provide information of interest to persons who, whether critics or friends, would like to be more informed. Read More

A National Spatial Plan – The urgency of now

BY BRUCE GOLDING | Sunday, March, 11 2018    

Jamaicans living abroad who return to Jamaica, having not done so for decades, are struck by the changes they find: major highways have been built, once sleepy towns have become bustling urban centres, sprawling housing schemes now occupy lands where they used to ride donkeys or hunt... Read More

That slave massacre at Lima, Adelphi, St James in 1832

SHALMAN SCOTT | Sunday, March, 11 2018    

AFTER the Sam Sharpe Rebellion of 1831-32, over 200 black slaves suspects — women and men — were rounded up and shot in cold blood in the square at Lima, near Adelphi in St James. Read More


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