National Identification System — the cyber security aspect

With the Government of Jamaica seeking to develop and design a National Identification System (NIDS) to effectively capture and store personal identity information for citizens and persons ordinarily residing in Jamaica, there have been mixed reviews about such a... Read More

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Politicians say we'll all own homes... Not!
The sure way to silence and disenfranchise a Jamaican is to ask for his address. Our Cabinets' policy to promote one housing option — buy a house — is out of sync with progressive nations. Housing for all is crucial to growth and national security. Kids need decent housing and we......
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Where's the fabric?
SUNDAY afternoon, time to settle down with the news of the week, especially the Sunday Observer feature in the Style Observer (SO) magazine on Caribbean FashionWeek (CFW). The article, titled 'Return Engagement', seemed to have been prepared to draw the curiosity seekers like me who they knew...... Read More

Caribbean people do not need instruction from US on Venezuela crisis

David Comissiong | Thursday, June, 22 2017    

After reading the article by Ms Linda Taglialatela (the United States Ambassador to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean) that was published in several of the newspapers of Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean on Tuesday, June 20, 2017 under the headline “We Must Defend Venezuela's... Read More

Let us have a 'Kingston Day'

Michael Burke | Thursday, June, 22 2017    

Two weeks ago was the 325th anniversary of the 1692 earthquake in Port Royal, which also affected other parts of the island. The Port Royal residents sailed across from Port Royal (then an island) to that area known as Hog Crawle on 530 acres of the Liguanea Plain (now Kingston). The... Read More

A greener future will not be decent by definition, but by design

Wednesday, June, 21 2017    

Climate change is the result of human activity. That activity is, for the most part, work or work-related. It is only logical then that the world of work has a key role to play in finding a solution to this pressing issue. Read More

CLR James films show how Whites collude with Blacks to exclude Indians

Dr Kumar Mahabir | Tuesday, June, 20 2017    

The memorial lecture on CLR James on Saturday, June 17, 2017 in London was one of many recent tributes to the legacy of this world-renowned Trinidadian cultural historian, cricket writer and political activist. The lecture was organised in partnership with Hackney Unites, a local UK coalition... Read More

Carlos Hill acquittal reinforces adage: once bitten, twice shy

Tuesday, June, 20 2017    

Jamaica is the best place in the world to be a criminal; be that criminal a gunman who comes to rob and to kill, a businessman wearing a suit who rips off consumers, a corrupt politician who uses insider advantage to get contracts that end up costing the taxpayer, or a... Read More

We can beat this crime beast if....

Richard Hugh Blackford | Monday, June, 19 2017    

“Walk and live, talk and (expletive) dead.” This chilling line from a popular local movie underlines the fate promised to people who provide information to the authorities. It provided support for the “informer fi dead” culture and flung the doors wide open on... Read More

US Cuba crackdown will choke tourism, private firms


 HAVANA, Cuba (AFP) — US President Donald Trump says tightening restrictions on American business and tourism in Cuba will help the island's people and small private businesses, but analysts warn it will do the opposite. Read More

Omar would have served Jamaica better had he stayed in academia

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, June, 18 2017    

Proverb: Fiyah deh a muss-muss (moos-moos) tail, him think a cool breezeTranslation: There is a fire blowing at the tail of the mouse, but he believes he is feeling the effects of a cooling breeze. Read More

The deepening culture of resignation

Howard Gregory | Sunday, June, 18 2017    

In the early 1960s my family moved to the Washington Gardens area of Kingston. It was a time when Pembroke Hall was under construction and Hughenden was a large orange grove with a great house, while Duhaney Park was one large callaloo garden and bush. Read More

Save the last dance for me

Lance Neita | Sunday, June, 18 2017    

The art of dancing cheek to cheek went out with the advent of dancehall music in the mid-1980s. It's truly a generation thing, because while the older ones among us will still do a ballroom twirl, the young and the middle-aged of today's generation have confined... Read More

More on Bob Marley and some of those who made him great

Paul Buchanan | Sunday, June, 18 2017    

(In continuing our series of serialising sections of the book Jones Town Trench Town The Journey Back written by former Jamaica cricketer, economist and politician Paul Buchanan, today we continue with a look at the life and work of the legendary Jamaican reggae great Robert Nesta... Read More




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