The PNP and its surrogates need to jump off the hamster wheel and just breathe!

There are years that ask questions and years that answer. — Zora Neale Hurston  Read More

US Dreamers awaking to a nightmare
Following the increase in the number of people being deported to Caribbean Community (Caricom) countries, the region might soon be facing another surge of returned migrants from the United States of America. This time it could be the so-called “Dreamers”...... Read More

Blowing in the wind
The Parliament of Jamaica is the legislative branch of the Government of Jamaica. It is composed of an appointed Senate and an elected House of Representatives. The Senate, which is the Upper House, has 21 senators appointed by the Governor-General. The House of Representatives, which is...... Read More

Crime cancer: Emergency surgery needed now!
The year 2018 has to be when we make a frontal and successful attack on our #1 problem — crime!... Read More

That Kensington fire which started the Sam Sharpe Rebellion

Shalman Scott | Sunday, January, 14 2018    

  Read More

The making of a chief State liaison: A tribute to my colleague Ian Boyne

BY Huntley Medley | Sunday, January, 14 2018    

A telephone conversation with Margaret, the wife of my former colleague Ian Boyne, and a brief epitaph which my shaking hands barely managed to scribble in the condolence book at the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), where Ian worked for a long time and I worked very briefly, paved the... Read More

Enid Bennett — a petite giant of Jamaican politics

Troy Caine | Sunday, January, 14 2018    

THE passing of Enid Bennett is truly the end of an era in the annals of Jamaica's political history, as well as in the chronicles of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) — under whose umbrella she became the first woman to serve her country for over three decades as an elected Member of... Read More

Public sector employment, compensation and transformation

Bruce Golding | Sunday, January, 14 2018    

No one could ever argue that public sector workers are being unreasonable in seeking a better wage offer than the Government has put forward. They had endured five years of wage freeze between 2010 and 2015, mitigated by a one-off payment of $25,000 and fringe benefits improvements as... Read More

Where there is a will, there is another woman

Bev East | Sunday, January, 14 2018    

This is my 29th year in business as a handwriting expert. Over these years I have experienced some heart-wrenching stories. You would be surprised what people try to forge. Read More

We did it!

Sunday, January, 14 2018    

The only thing better than having an excellent team member is having a group of excellent team members. This is something that Sandals South Coast Red Lane Spa manager Donnette Armstrong can definitely attest to. Vowing to start 2018 just right, Armstrong, along with resort general manager... Read More

Hot air!

Saturday, January, 13 2018    

Taking a break in transmission for the Yuletide, the nation's Parliament is yet to reconvene to tackle the country's affairs. Columnists Lance Neita says these days the sessions are not missed. He reminisces of a time when debate in the House was robust and witty — even with... Read More

Waters from the hills...

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, January, 12 2018    

How are the people of Portland coping with the flooding which has come unexpectedly? Most times when the subject of water comes into community conversation it makes a spirited discussion about shortage of the precious fluid. We quarrel no end about “weh di water... Read More

Garvey's birthplace, crime and firearms

Franklin Johnston | Friday, January, 12 2018    

The Government must not use a national heritage site declaration to expropriate poor people's house and land. Cabinet has been disgustingly cruel to the family which owns the house in which National Hero Marcus Garvey was born. The National Housing Trust (NHT) has nothing selling for... Read More

Looking back, looking forward

Thursday, January, 11 2018    

In December, there was a resolution at the United Nations that deplored United States President Donald Trump for recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Jamaica abstained. Was it because of the threat by Trump to deny aid to any country that voted for the resolution?... Read More

It has to be the police

Linton Gordon | Thursday, January, 11 2018    

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