Is INDECOM a rogue commission of Parliament?

Head of the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) Terrence Williams has purportedly outmanoeuvred the police federation from a legal point of view by maintaining that he has always conducted private prosecutions and not sought to use any powers ascribed to... Read More

A long walk to a moral revolution
I am concerned about the progressive disintegration, tribalisation and continued fragmentation of the Jamaican society. Some will argue that it is the legacy of slavery and our political history which haunt us today. It appears to some that there are no alternatives; you either beat them...... Read More

It's desperation time, Gaston Browne unleashes the streetwalkers, urchins!
ST JOHN'S, Antigua -- With two days to go to the general election, soon-to-be ex-prime minister, Gaston Browne has unleashed all his political streetwalkers and urchins to attack everyone he regards as his enemy, including his favourite campaign whipping boy, Sandals.... Read More

The SCQ gender conundrum — Brilliance or confidence?
As I pondered the recent celebration of women's achievements I was puzzled at the performance of two leading girls' schools on Schools' Challenge Quiz (SCQ) last week. So I posted this message on social media: “Two bright girls' schools did not do well this week in School's...... Read More

Jamaica owes teachers a raise

BY JAPHIA BECKFORD | Monday, March, 19 2018    

I noted that as a result of the Jamaica Teachers' Association action several members of the Jamaican society have been sharing hateful and downright disrespectful comments about teachers on social media. Some of these comments include, “Teachers too greedy…why dem feel like... Read More

In the shade of the tree planted by others?

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, March, 18 2018    

He who burns down his house knows why ashes cost a fortune. — Ethiopian proverb  Read More

A gift to the world from Barack and Harry

Lance Neita | Sunday, March, 18 2018    

In a recent article on the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, I stated that Meghan was first married in 2013 in Jamaica, at the Jamaica Inn Hotel. I have since been corrected by letter from an obviously well-connected person who points out that Meghan... Read More

JamaicaEye — Is this the answer?

Al Miller | Sunday, March, 18 2018    

The eyes of the Lord are in every place watching the evil and the good. — Proverbs 15:3  Read More

Models and contrasts of responsive leadership

Canute Thompson | Sunday, March, 18 2018    

Sometime in the 1990s, a customer service manager for a utility company told me that when she hears people complaining about her company she “jus tun off di radio or change di station”. While I could appreciate the stress that her work may have imposed on... Read More

The INDECOM debacle

JASON MCKAY | Sunday, March, 18 2018    

I have tried from a journalistic standpoint to avoid an analysis of the INDECOM crisis because I felt in many ways it came down to people bashing, which I think is counterproductive. Read More

Tumult of the Americas

BRUCE GOLDING | Sunday, March, 18 2018    

The eighth Summit of the Americas is scheduled to convene in Lima, Peru next month. Initiated in 1994, it was designed as a triennial forum to advance dialogue and cooperation among the countries of the western hemisphere, small and large, including... Read More

Who Am I? — My life and leadership (Part 2)

Edward Seaga | Sunday, March, 18 2018    

126 AchievementsEconomic and financial development; investment promotion. Read More

Move Mark's Mic

Sunday, March, 18 2018    

Columnist Garfield Higgins takes a look at Mark Golding's maiden presentation to Parliament as Opposition spokesperson on finance. He hones in on the overarching theme of ascribing the successes of the sitting Jamaica Labour Party Government to the “groundwork laid” by the ousted... Read More

Eureka! Holness has discovered the 'Father of the Nation'

Franklin Johnston | Friday, March, 16 2018    

Andrew Holness creates this opportunity to compare Edward Seaga and others. It is invidious. If he lives longer (we wish him long life), with Andrew in office, most public buildings — some not yet built may bear his name; why? Seaga, as others, copied stuff when in office; and why not? The... Read More

The challenges of the times continue

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, March, 16 2018    

Who amongst us didn't feel as if they couldn't stand another occasion of bad news when news broke that a student attending the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) came near to being another victim of the evil which has been plaguing our nation? Read More


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