Phillips in pursuit of cheap political points...

 Ashes fly back into the face of him who throws them. — Nigerian proverbThe People's National Party (PNP) is addicted to fake news. Until they admit that they have a very serious problem, Norman Manley's party will continue to drift southward.Two Friday mornings... Read More

Murmurings of the 'Paper Tigers'
 (In continuing our series of serialising of sections of the book Jones Town Trench Town The Journey Back written by former Jamaica cricketer, economist and politician Paul Buchanan, today we look at some of the movements that existed and some of the people who were prominent...... Read More

Robert Montague — hard to beat
(Taken from the book Trench Town Jones Town The Journey Back)His energy, drive and political linkages cannot be discounted. The crown will only be worn by those that shine, and he is not unmindful of the ingredients that will make it so. ... Read More

The Marxist-Leninist adventure in Jamaica and Grenada
  (Taken from the book Trench Town Jones Town The Journey Back)With the lessons of Garvey's non-aligned philosophy unheeded, the unfettered leftists exacerbated the socio-economic setting with explosive commitments to Marxist-Leninist...... Read More

Where trust is being violated the Church must speak, Observer

Howard Gregory | Sunday, April, 30 2017   

It is perhaps fortuitous that on the day on which I am responding to the editorial of this newspaper, there is a report within the print media that Jamaica has jumped two places to eighth on the 2017 World Press Freedom Index released by Reporters Without Borders out of a possible 180... Read More

Jamaica 55 — Can we recapture that first fine careless rapture?

Lance Neita | Sunday, April, 30 2017   

 We are approaching the 55th celebration of our Independence, hastened and chastened by Culture Minister Olivia “Babsy” Grange's determination to outdo the 50th, which was celebrated under somebody else's watch. Political barbs are being thrown across the aisle, but here is... Read More

Ganjanomics 202 — What's the size of our markets?

Franklin Johnston | Friday, April, 28 2017   

We hear calls from the ganja lobby to speed up, for the health establishment to stand down, and Prime Minister Andrew Holness to lead the charge. Yes, Government is slow, but where exactly are we going?What can ganja do for our economy? Who are bag men, who... Read More

Is scamming coming to an end?

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, April, 28 2017   

LET'S face it, it was just a matter of time before the 'Day of Reckoning' would find our nation's name tarnished because of the scamming ting, resulting in more and more of our people getting accommodations in American prisons. Wednesday's news, here at home, rattled us like a... Read More

A 'changed' crime plan — Part 1

Donald Wray | Thursday, April, 27 2017   

The following is set of proposals that actually date as far back as 1985 and were submitted to senior officers of both the constabulary and defence forces while the writer was awaiting being called as an officer recruit in the National Reserve, and then later as a private security... Read More

Low fines, floods and volunteers

Michael Burke | Thursday, April, 27 2017   

There is a connection between the ridiculously low fines paid for some offences, the consistent devaluation of the Jamaican dollar, and a lack of volunteers. There is also a connection between the present floods in Clarendon and a lack of volunteerism. And... Read More

Pulling back from the abyss

Vincent Gordon | Wednesday, April, 26 2017   

Undoubtedly ultra-conservatism creates imbalance and injustice. But perhaps it is our recent foray into modern liberalism which has taken us to the place we are at today, where everything has become a cause — even if there is no real raison... Read More

Finally everyone gets the '1.5'

BY TEDDYLEE GRAY | Wednesday, April, 26 2017   

Yesterday , April 25 was pay day for many PAYE contributors. The day in which thousands finally got the $18,000 promised to them by the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP); money in their pockets to spend as they wish. But while there is celebration, I want to take time... Read More

Entrepreneurs of a new order

BY S Thompson | Monday, April, 24 2017   

It was encouraging to read the journey of Yoni Epstein in the Sunday Finance magazine of the Sunday Observer, April 16, 2017. His story is one of inspiration to Jamaican entrepreneurs.What captivated my interest was his... Read More

Preventing the pain of road deaths

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Sunday, April, 23 2017   

The tragic death of Olympian and Jamaica record holder Germaine Mason is a stark reminder that motorcyclists represent a high percentage of Jamaica’s road fatalities. Thirty-four-year-old Mason lost his life early last Thursday morning when his bike crashed on the Norman... Read More

Our priorities are all screwed up

Richard Blackford | Sunday, April, 23 2017   

The curtains came down recently on the Inter-secondary Schools’ Sports Association’s 107th Boys’ and Girls’ championships at the National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica, with Calabar High School prevailing over arch-rivals Kingston College for a... Read More




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