The fault, dear PNP, lies not in the stars, but deep within the PNP

HANNA...The courage that
once epitomised the movement
has been replaced by fear
from being bludgeoned into
submission from having an
independent view

A roofer’s house leaks. — Zulu proverb At a public function last week I met upon two acquaintances, who described themselves as ‘PNP’ [not Comrades, they say there is difference, but that is for another article], and who took me to task for my piece last Sunday. Somehow they seem to have got it into their heads that my articles have the power to fo ... Read More

Jamaica’s future choked by cancer of corruption
Corruption in Jamaica is “entrenched and widespread”. Jamaica must give serious consider ... Read More

Given what has been established about the relationship between youth and violent crimes, particularly murders, as well as youth and gangs, and unemployment and involvement in crime, this should group should be the focus of crime-fighting efforts.  Fighting crime strategically
It was hoped that when Prime Minister Andrew Holness made his budget presentation he would have arti ... Read More

BY HUGH GRAHAM SMEs may have to pay for election campaign promises
Approximately 300,000 micro, medium and small businesses, many of which have managed to ride the wav ... Read More

Vision or perish: So where are the visionaries and the vision?

Al Miller | Sunday, March 19, 2017    

MANLEY...had a vision that excited a people to possibilities

In this series of articles I have invited you to look at the critical elements to build a great nation: the new Jamaica we all desire. So far we have looked at two fundamental pillars: Justice and Truth. Now, let’s look at a third: Vision. John Lennon, one of the famous British band The Beatles, wrote a song in 1971 that enraged some and encouraged others. It said in part: “Imagine there’s no countries It isn’t hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion, t ... Read More

Commonwealth free trade: A British straw man?

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, March 19, 2017    

LONDON, United Kingdom — British Prime Minister Theresa May delivers a speech on the government’s plans for Brexit at Lancaster House in London.(Photo: AFP)

A Commonwealth Free Trade Area (FTA) would go down in India “like a lead balloon”. That’s the opinion of Indian Member of Parliament Shashi Tharoor as British ministers and Empire-dreamers run around Britain trying to promote the idea that a Commonwealth FTA is a viable alternative to trade with the European Union (EU) which Britain has elected to exit. A harsher view is expressed by Kehinde Andrews, a columnist with British newspaper, The Guardian: “Rather than accept r ... Read More

Let’s look again at the meaning of Black History Month

K Churchill Neita | Sunday, March 19, 2017    

Internationally acclaimed artiste Bob Marley

During February, while the black world celebrated the annual tradition of Black History Month, there was a virtual silence in Jamaica despite its overwhelming black population. Unbelievably, neither the media nor our institutions of education seized the opportunity to inculcate the achievements of black Jamaicans and their contributions to western civilisation. As our National Hero Marcus Garvey informs us, a nation that is ignorant of its past is like a tree without roots. Our children would ... Read More

Promises, principles and performance

Dr Canute Thompson | Sunday, March 19, 2017    

Dr Canute Thompson

Let us agree that taxes are required to run a country and political parties must make promises when presenting themselves to the electorate. But we can also surely agree that not every form of taxation is justified and that political parties should not engage in the making of wild promises, the keeping of which they know is either harmful to the country or not sustainable. Despite what the Government may say about having kept the promise of the $1.5-million ‘tax break’, the claims ... Read More

Radical advocacy: Cover

Sunday, March 19, 2017    

Are we ready for it? The news headlines have been punctuated by a growing discussion on #TambourineArmy. It has leapfrogged from the realm of social media and demanded its place in the mainstream. The conversation, mounting in intensity, draws Jamaicans to look at the way in which some of us make our views heard and advocate for change. Contributor Lorenzo Smith wades waist-deep into the discourse and poses the question that must be answered by all of society; intellectual minority, man in the ... Read More

Holness’s bombshell, the NHT, and shelter for poor people

Franklin Johnston | Friday, March 17, 2017    

Prime Minister Andrew Holness addressing the ground breaking ceremony for the Masenure and Darliston housing developments in Westmoreland last Friday

Housing is a great equaliser and gives all kids the same good start in a community; so the rapper and market trader will exchange stories and discover they once lived on the same street — all front doors look alike. But here, housing divides as discrete low-, high-, middle-income schemes foster inequality. It also incubates social discontent and leads to violence. So the elephant in the room is not education, health care, or food, but the 20 per cent living in 700 squatter settlements. W ... Read More

Time for islandwide motorcycle safety

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, March 17, 2017    

A training workshop by Sandals to reach motorcycle riders and passengers has been held in Negril — one of the most motorcycle-populated areas in the island. Whatever else might be occurring in other parishes, you have to work hard to equal Westmoreland in bike numbers. Major and minor roads reverberate with the buzzing sound of the bikes all over the parish, which could well be dubbed “Motorcycle Racetrack”. It took me quite a while to get used to it, the last time I visited & ... Read More

Government partnership necessary to grow Jamaica's economy

Don Wehby | Thursday, March 16, 2017    

Report of the Economic Growth Counci

The tourism sector has long been a key pillar of the Jamaican economy. This sector, which generated over $32 billion towards the gross domestic product for the first three quarters of 2016, continues to expand and achieve major success. Tourism has always been one of the key sectors of focus targeted by the Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) in its bid to drive economic growth. In working with investors, however, the general lament has been the bureaucracy and lengthy timelines around the ... Read More

Families, houses and garrisons

Michael Burke | Thursday, March 16, 2017    

Housing should be spread out to give people space between themselves, which translates into less violence.  (Bryan Cummings)

Immediately after slavery was abolished the ex-slaves lived on the hillsides in wattle and daub housing. When there was a shortage of jobs in rural Jamaica, many left the countryside to flock the towns and created slums. So there was a dire need for housing. Norman Manley established Jamaica Welfare for rural development in 1937. This was really the first effort to deal with the housing shortage in Jamaica by means of self-help housing. The Roman Catholic Church at Homestead in Bamboo, St Ann, ... Read More

Inspiring hundreds of young entrepreneurs in Jamaica

Darine BenAmara | Thursday, March 16, 2017    

Youth entrepreneurship impacts a country’s economy. (kbuntu)

I have worked in various countries around the world and have concluded that youth unemployment is one the biggest barriers to development. There are millions of youth in the world eager to take advantage of economic opportunities in their countries. The Statistical Institute of Jamaica estimates the unemployment rate in Jamaica at 12.9 per cent (July 2016) and the unemployment rate for youth is considerably higher at 27.4 per cent. Women and youth are commonly marginalised groups in society. As ... Read More



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