Reimagining the education of the future in the Caribbean

We agree with former Minister of Education Ronald Thwaites that if our school system is to serve our country's youth in a sustainable manner, then we need 'A new kind of school' (The Gleaner, Monday, July 17, 2017). We cannot afford to tinker, but must move beyond a remedial approach to a... Read More

Dark days ahead for the JCF
The recent requirement for sub-officers and constables to give six months' notice of their intention to withdraw from the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) may prove as difficult to enforce as the public health tobacco control regulation which forbids smoking in public places.... Read More

North Korea can be tamed with or without China
The next generation of superpowers are those with the capabilities to neutralise or recapture nuclear missiles before and after they have been fired; not those with nuclear arsenals that can destroy the world many times today.... Read More

Crime, education and sports
The role of sports and other extra-curricular activities in an educational context is of particular importance to Jamaica at this time, particularly with the crime and violence monster threatening to consume us. We tend to place the burden of crime reduction and...... Read More

What a difference real leadership makes

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, August, 13 2017    

Proverb: No wait till drum beat before you grine you axeTranslation: Do not wait until the drum beats before you grind your axe.Explanation: Be prepared for all eventualities.  Read More

Jamaica 55 — Time to get it right

Al Miller | Sunday, August, 13 2017    

Another Independence Day has come and gone. It should be a time for revisiting and renewal of the vision of the founding fathers: Jamaica — a place where true respect for all is taught and lived, where patriotism, compassion, justice, and truth reign as natural... Read More

Gatlin is not a two-time drug cheat

Zaheer Clarke | Sunday, August, 13 2017    

Since August 2008 Usain Bolt has been portrayed as the saviour of athletics, and its villains, on the contrary, are the drug cheats who have buckled the sport to its knees with scandal after scandal. In the early 2000s several sports, including track and field, suffered... Read More

Playing a role in Venezuelan crisis

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, August, 13 2017    

The continuing conflict in Venezuela between the Government of President Nicolas Maduro and Opposition political parties will not be resolved by external forces taking sides. In this regard, Caribbean Community (Caricom) Heads of Government were right at their August 8,... Read More

Reggae's role in Ja's economic development

Clyde Mckenzie | Sunday, August, 13 2017    

I was more than happy to hear that, according to Dr David Panton, a Jamaican diasporic bond issue is soon to be a reality. Some cynics will say they have heard this song before, but I have no choice but to be hopeful. Read More

Lessons in reasonableness

Canute Thompson, PhD | Sunday, August, 13 2017    

Two recent judgements by the United Kingdom-based Privy Council, which were first heard by the Industrial Disputes Tribunal (IDT), provide important insights into the Labour Relations and Industrial Disputes Act (LRIDA) and the meaning and importance of reasonableness. Read More

The legend has won

Lance Neita | Sunday, August, 13 2017    

Win, lose or draw, our athletes deserve the full support of Jamaicans for their participation in the IAAF World Championships in London. They were competitive, if not always in front, and represented Jamaica well. Hopefully we will go out in glory with the running of the relays; but whether or... Read More

Flashback: Flag time

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, August, 11 2017    

Holiday time over now. It's get-back-to-work season. We have just survived another national outburst of “time to enjoy wi-self”. Read More

Bible, bishops, buggers, and a hidden agenda

Franklin Johnston | Friday, August, 11 2017    

Some people have a pathological preoccupation with buggery, so few knew of other issues raised by Dr Howard Gregory, Anglican lord bishop of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, in his paper to Parliament. The English Buggery Act of 1533 did not define it, and the Act of 1864 was a colonial set-hand. Read More

Bustamante became PM at 78

Michael Burke | Thursday, August, 10 2017    

There are some people who are very selective with facts. For example, there is much talk about age in leadership these days, especially because Prime Minister Andrew Holness turned 45 years old last month, while in December, Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips will be 67. But in all... Read More

Tobacco endgame is critical 'cog in the wheel' for sustainable development

Bobby Ramakant | Thursday, August, 10 2017    

Although governments have promised sustainable development by 2030 by adopting UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), tobacco-triggered pandemics threaten to stall or even reverse the progress made. Read More


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