Joan Gordon-Webley and the PNP

Delano Franklyn
Angela Brown Burke
D K Duncan
Michael Peart

Joan Gordon-Webley's attempt to join the People's National Party (PNP), and the party's response, offers interesting insight into how and why organisations make decisions, the current state of the PNP, the shadowy influences of history that goes back 40 years and the imperative to address those issu ... Read More

The numbers game with high school CSEC rankings. The numbers game with high school CSEC rankings
In recent years the ranking of Jamaican high schools based on their performance in the Caribbean Sec ... Read More

Defending the  fairer sex
TWO girls, out for a stroll on the Corniche waterfront in Jeddah during the Eid holidays, found them ... Read More

I caught
AIDS, but all
is not over I caught AIDS, but all is not over
ON June 25, my entire world crumbled down as I was diagnosed with HIV. After being in a monogamous r ... Read More

Lessons from Bolt, Boyz for our leaders

Jean LOWRIE-CHIN | Monday, July 27, 2015    

Usain Bolt celebrates after powering to victory in the 100m at the IAAF Diamond League
Anniversary Games in West London on Friday. (PHOTO: AFP)

AS our leaders line up for their photo opportunities with our heroic Reggae Boyz, victorious Usain Bolt, new sensation Elaine Thompson, and other athletes returning from the Pan Am Games and Diamond League, we invite them to reflect on what brought these personalities their glory. It was not the waving of party colours, promises and posturing. It was the early morning training, the inconvenient due diligence in the form of drug testing and, finally, their performance under the glare of public vi ... Read More

Scott urges fitting tribute to Isaac Matalon

Monday, July 27, 2015    

(L)MATALON… a man whose
generosity knew no bounds.
SCOTT… let his memory and
his work not be forgotten.

The head of the English Constitution of Freemasons in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, Walter H Scott, has urged members of the St Thomas Lodge to name the building in which they meet in honour of the life and work of Isaac Matalon. "To do so will be a fitting memorial to him who gave so much for his beloved St Thomas Lodge," Scott told the freemasons in a lecture delivered earlier this month. "Let his memory and his work not be forgotten," Scott said after informing his audience of Matalon's j ... Read More

Taking from Peter to pay Paul (the IMF)

Mike HENRY | Sunday, July 26, 2015    

Peter Phillips

This piece is an outline in respect of huge amounts of long-overdue payments to building contractors on Government projects. It points to a strategy that appears to be behind the extensive overdue amounts, despite the challenges which they pose for the contractors. It is no real surprise that the Government of Jamaica has been making so much ado about the passing of nine consecutive International Monetary Fund (IMF) quarterly tests under the four-year Extended Fund Facility with the multilatera ... Read More

Why does it seem Dr Phillips is in election mode?

GARFIELD HIGGINS | Sunday, July 26, 2015    

PHILLIPS...has put the country on election alert
BURKE... has not managed his duties with the usual
panache and zest characteristic of the office

Government is a trust, and the officers of the government are trustees; and both the trust and the trustees are created for the benefit of the people. — Henry Clay UNDOUBTEDLY this People's National Party (PNP) regime suffers from Pinocchio Syndrome. Aficionados of crown and anchor -- a popular local con game -- could [if they have not already] learn a thing or two about bait and switch from this Administration. The myriad revelations of abuse and misuse of State resources in recent years testify to the duplicitou ... Read More

CPL: Saviour or Harbinger?

YAKUM FITZ-HENLEY | Sunday, July 26, 2015    

Seldom in the last decade can cricket fans around the region remember grounds being filled and rabid sporting fervour surrounding the sport. But the recent Caribbean Premier League (CPL) matches held at the illustrious Sabina Park in Kingston, Jamaica, drew crowds that West Indian Test teams used to accomplish, but could never dare to dream of nowadays. Within those crowds were many new fans, there for the party, but staying for the team spirit and battle for pride. Those crowds were filled with ... Read More

JLP and PNP locked in near statistical dead heat amidst harsh economic times

CHRISTOPHER BURNS | Sunday, July 26, 2015    

SOMETIMES in politics, the political smoke is much bigger than the fire. For, how else can one explain the findings of the latest Don Anderson public opinion poll, commissioned by the RJR Communications Group? According to the poll, the ruling People's National Party (PNP) and the Opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) "are locked in a near statistical dead heat". The poll, which surveyed "likely voters", found that 26 per cent intend to vote for the JLP versus 25 per cent for the PNP. Of great s ... Read More

Our justice needs a home

CLYDE MCKENZIE | Sunday, July 26, 2015    

Caribbean Court
of Justice

I have been following the debate on whether Jamaica should retain the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council as a court of last resort or replace it either with a Jamaican-located court or a regional-based tribunal. I must admit, however, that one could be forgiven for coming away with the impression that much of what have been adduced in support of the various positions on this important issue are rationalisations which have been proffered to justify long-held biases. I suspect that most Jama ... Read More

The reason for the season

LANCE NEITA | Sunday, July 26, 2015    

Only in Jamaica would there be two holidays, five days apart.

Enjoyed the joke when someone shouted at the end of the Jamaica-USA football match on Wednesday, "Yes, public holiday come again!" The fan was, of course, referring to one of the most famous public holidays ever declared in Jamaica; what is remembered as the "P J Patterson call it" holiday when we qualified for the World Cup in 1998. It seemed then to be the right thing to do, until the declaration took on a political and economic twist, as the People's National Party (PNP) sided with it, the Ja ... Read More

Legal judgements and consequences

CLINTON CHISHOLM | Sunday, July 26, 2015    

The broadening of the definition of marriage to include same-sex couples may have consequences that are detrimental to
marriage, family and the raising of children.

CONTEMPLATING conse-quences (possible, probable, or inevitable) is not the only criterion for evaluating the ethical value of an act or intention to act, but it is a valuable criterion. In recent memory the United States Supreme Court has delivered judgements which, if normalised and universalised, could result in the decimation of humanity. The 1973 landmark decisions regarding abortion in Roe v Wade, and especially Doe v Bolton, made abortion on demand, in any period of a pregnancy, a woman' ... Read More

Climate change: Time for talking is over

SIR RONALD SANDERS | Sunday, July 26, 2015    

Children in a flooded yard in Funafuti, Tuvalu. (PHOTO: AP)

IMAGINE if on the anniversary of its independence the friendliest message your nation gets is that if your country sinks underwater, a nearby island is willing to give your people refuge. That means picking up whatever you might salvage and leaving behind your homeland, your possessions, and your entire heritage. It also entails the suffering and deprivation of starting over in a foreign country with very little if anything. This is not a nightmare for the people of Kiribati or Tuvalu in the Pa ... Read More



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