Madam President coming soon!

Hillary Clinton

The orange-haired metaphor for human depravity is about to be thwarted, bigly. Come November 9, 2016, 68-year-old Hillary Rodham Clinton will become the first woman president in the history of the United States of America. This, barring an act of God or revelations from WikiLeaks damning enough to b ... Read More

Hurricane Matthew’s projected path is shown on this NOAA graphic released on Thursday, September 29, 2016. Prayer (scientifically) changes things
It was interesting to observe the reactions prior to and after Hurricane Matthew’s passage thr ... Read More

Pissed at public peeing
If a woman is nasty she could harm her family. But if a man is nasty, he could be a national calamit ... Read More

MEN OF THE CLOTHThese two men seen selling cloth in downtown Kingston on Monday captured the attention of many. Too many Jamaicas
On April 21, 1961, Edward Seaga, then Opposition member of the pre-independence Legislative Council, ... Read More

Don’t rain on our Olympics parade!

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, October 24, 2016    

SPICE...her performance was just a small blip on an otherwise great programme

Why is it important for a nation to pause and honour its achievers? Because, to use a wise saying, “A high tide lifts all boats.” And so we lift our nation when, collectively, we laud our athletes and courageous Jamaicans from every walk of life. Thus we arrived at the National Indoor Sports Centre two Saturdays ago in high spirits to applaud our athletes in the Rio Olympics Homecoming event. I shared on social media the grand entrance of our athletes and their bright smiles as they ... Read More

Donald Trump’s economic plan will blow up the world

Dorlan Francis | Sunday, October 23, 2016    

TRUMP...has proposed across-the-board tax cuts

Donald Trump has been formally nominated as the presidential candidate for the Grand Old Party, otherwise known as the Republican Party, for the November 8, 2016 presidential elections in the US. Fifty of America’s most senior Republican national security officials have signed a letter warning that Donald Trump is “dangerous”. They further warned that Donald Trump “lacks the character, values and experience” to be president and “would put at risk our country&r ... Read More

Raising the bar of leadership in Jamaica

Dr Canute Thompson | Sunday, October 23, 2016    

HOLNESS...has described him himself as transformational leader

Over the past several weeks I have had the privilege of contributing to public discourse and have been both encouraged and enlightened by some of the comments that the articles have evoked — though sometimes a bit disappointed by some of the partisan responses that seem to overlook the facts. But that is part of the reality of a democracy. Let all ideas contend. I am inspired by the wisdom of many who reflect a commitment to raising the bar of leadership and wish to engage a conversation ... Read More

The US Presidential debates and impact the on voters

By DR DON ANDERSON | Sunday, October 23, 2016    

CLINTON ... fancied to become next US President

Presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have now squared off on their three scheduled debates and America and indeed the world now waits on their November 8 date with destiny. The debates have been acrimonious, perhaps unlike any that has been seen for the US presidency. Both hopefuls have spent a considerable amount of time trading barbs and seeking to denigrate each other in a manner that some have said more resembles election contests in some Third World countries. Indeed, a ... Read More

Economic bomb!

Sunday, October 23, 2016    

TRUMP...Make America great againDOMINICK REUTER

As drama overshadows the issues in the run-up to election day for the next United States president, Dorlan Francis spotlights Republican nominee Donald Trump’s economic plans. He reviews the proposed, across-the-board tax cuts and indicates that history has proven that the shock and long-term effects of such a policy give rise to falling markets and depressions. The repercussions, Francis says, will not be restricted to the US, the move might well blow up the world economy. Read More

We have INDECOM, but something’s still missing

Dr Lee Bailey | Sunday, October 23, 2016    

While we must express intolerance of any form extrajudicial acts or killings, we cannot create a condition where the law enforcement officers are being demoralised, demonised, or looked upon as authorised criminals and killers.

While as a nation we must always ensure that extrajudicial killings never become a part of our custom, monitoring agencies within or outside of the security forces must themselves have some checks and balances. So, in the Jamaican context, the first question which arises is who monitors the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM)? As citizens, we all must value our civil liberties. However, the administration and application of any monitoring organisation could have a very negative e ... Read More

Spice, dancehall and the transformative power of culture

Donovan Watkis | Sunday, October 23, 2016    

A section of the entertainment package at the recent ‘Rio Salute’ celebration of Jamaican Olympians. (Photo: Naphtali Junior)

The most important asset in any country is its people. The people is the culture and it is time we understand that an investment in the Jamaican people is an investment in our collective prosperity. Last week there was an uproar over the amount of money spent on a celebration marking the achievements of the Jamaican Olympic team to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. One person on social media said: “We should have a more simple event and the Government should put that money into needed areas such as ... Read More

Banking: Is the US making a stick to beat its own back?

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, October 23, 2016    

LAGARDE...Correspondent banking is like the blood that delivers nutrients to different parts of the body. It is core to the business of over 3,700 banking groups in 200 countriesPhoto: AFP

Caribbean governments have rightly focused on the severe consequences for their countries of the withdrawal of correspondent banking relations from regional banks by international banks, particularly those located in the US. But there will also be serious consequences for other parts of the world, particularly the US, if the current troubling trend remains unchecked. The gravest immediate threat is to Caribbean countries certainly. This not an abstract issue, restricted to the banking sector or ... Read More

Athletes, cash and statues

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, October 21, 2016    

The statue of Bob Marley that now stands in Independence Park.

I am proud suh tell of our track and field athletes who have brought such honour to us. I would not, could not begrudge them one iota of the national pride which they have evoked in us. Now that we are beginning to put a price on the financial rewards which have been bestowed on them, it could be interpreted that I have ‘bad mind’ for wondering aloud if money is really the best way of rewarding their skill and talent. It is not the first time, of course, that athletes have taken hom ... Read More

Business strategy and Caricom’s failure in Haiti

Franklin Johnston | Friday, October 21, 2016    

The Caricom headquarters

Caricom/Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) cannot work for poor Haiti, so this iconic black nation depends on their former colony — Dominican Republic — and charity of the white folk they beat up centuries ago. What goes around and comes around! We just moved from ICU to growth, and Haiti is on life support, yet we are big guns of this union. I love Caricom, but in 2001 it morphed into CSME to our chagrin, so now inquiries from sincere readers need truthful answers. E-mail r ... Read More



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