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The US Supreme Court just recently confirmed the
legality of same-sex marriage in that country.

You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time. — John Lydgate There are many Jamaicans displeased with the recent US Supreme Court ruling concerning the constitutionality of same-sex ... Read More

'The periphery fights back'
In this year, so far, there have been more race riots in the United States of America than there hav ... Read More

Industry and Commerce Minister Anthony Hylton. Whither Minister Hylton after the logistics hub fiasco?
The proposed logistics hub has, over the past months, occupied a huge proportion of media time in Ja ... Read More

Let’s abolish government debt Let's abolish government debt
Let's get this out of the way first: It's time to abolish government debt. The State should be unabl ... Read More

More than just zones

Grace VIRTUE | Tuesday, June 30, 2015    

More than just zones

Many of us contemplate daily the problems of Jamaica and how they might be solved. And some of us consider, too, why attempts at problem-solving are often short-term and ultimately yield even more problems. There are likely many reasons, but one that should be fairly obvious is that those who find themselves in the role of problem-solvers often impose upon the problem, and possible solutions the limits of their own capabilities. A familiar expression explains this very well: if the only tool on ... Read More

The wrong jungle called Jamaica

Raulston NEMBHARD | Tuesday, June 30, 2015    

IMF headquarters in Washington DC, USA

It has now become a self-evident truth that Jamaica is not an easy place to do business. This was summed up in remarks attributed to two leading members of the Simpson Miller Administration who said at different times that Jamaica is an inhospitable place to do business and that those who play by the rules get shafted. You could also add the remark that your idea of leadership is that it is when you are well into destroying the forest that the leader gets up (probably climbs the tallest tree) an ... Read More

As the ship sinks

Vernon Brooks | Tuesday, June 30, 2015    

Women sink ships

Have you ever heard a hen trying to crow? If you have lived long enough on a farmyard with a farm 'full of fowls', you would recognise that unsettling sound from a distance. And from the look on the faces of the other members of the flock, you can tell that they truly think something is rotten in Denmark. They all stop scratching and stand in dismay as if to wonder at the security of their settlement. Jamaica has been overrun by feminine functionaries, and now we can't but stand and stare as the ... Read More

Son-Son's thank you mango

Jean LOWRIE-CHIN | Monday, June 29, 2015    

(L) Lisa Lewis  William Mahfood  Verene Shepherd

"SON-SON" was worried. Where was his teacher, Mrs Nicholas? The third-grader had been attending the cool, colourful enrichment centre at Horizon Park Primary in St Catherine for over a year, and had gone from being a non-reader to a boy who loved words. Mrs Nicholas, the centre manager was always there, celebrating every new learning milestone with him, but today she was not at school. He stood at the door, peeked through the keyhole and fretted. Towards the end of the day, Son-Son walked de ... Read More

What is the plan?

Machel TURNER | Monday, June 29, 2015    

Members of Jamcia Women’s Basketball team

AT the beginning of the month the Lady Jamrockerz, our female national basketball representatives, competed in the Caribbean Basketball Conferation (CBC) Championships in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. As the defending champions from last year's tournament, the team and staff departed with high hopes of repeating, but fell in the final by four points to claim second place -- a good showing nonetheless. The continuity between the squads selected last year and this year was impressive, and a few ... Read More

'Coward man keep sound bone'

CHRISTOPHER BURNS | Sunday, June 28, 2015    

‘Coward man keep sound bone’

OF all the Jamaican aphorisms, the one I disregard most is "coward man keep sound bone". I find this adage to be most debilitating and inferior to our otherwise enviable and robust indomitability. To me, the idiom, in and of itself, encourages a foolish kind of risk adverseness that has managed to seep its way through almost every facet of our daily lives, particularly when circumstances require acts of bravery, defiance and protest. Before anyone gets the wrong idea, abhorrence for this particu ... Read More

The Commonwealth's future — Part 1

RONALD SANDERS | Sunday, June 28, 2015    

The Commonwealth’s future

QUESTIONING the relevance and value of the Commonwealth of Nations is nothing new; for such has occurred ever since the modern Commonwealth was created in 1949. However, doubts have intensified in recent time about the voluntary association of now 53 countries. Claims are repeatedly made that the organisation is no longer relevant or useful. Its persistent portrayal is that of a relic of Britain's colonial past or a hypocritical grouping which declares commitments to shared values but fails to u ... Read More

Leader after leader

GARFIELD HIGGINS | Sunday, June 28, 2015    

MANLEY... inherited one admirable
trait from his father
SEAGA... saved Jamaica from almost
utter financial ruin

Silence will save me from being wrong (and foolish), but it will also deprive me of the possibility of being right. -- Igor Stravinsky. The management of Jamaica's affairs in the 1970s by Michael Manley and the People's National Party (PNP) was fraught with disaster. Jamaica is still reeling from the pain of a cruel and sad experiment invented in Britain called Fabianism on which Manley's 'doctrine' of democratic socialism was hatched. Jamaica was, however, saved from almost utter financial ru ... Read More

Hooray, hooray, what a festival!

LANCE NEITA | Sunday, June 28, 2015    

Eric Donaldson Roy Rayon Edward Seaga Tinga Stewart
Lennie Little-White Mervyn Morris Desmond Dekker Trevor Rhone

I came across the Jamaica Festival Story souvenir magazine, which was published in 1987 to commemorate 25 years of Festival. As one gets older, it is easy to fall back on memory and judge the earlier years to be the best in everything, and to carelessly dismiss current efforts as second or third place in the categories of good or best Festival year. True, we have had some very fine performances and events in the second 25 years, 1988-2013, but the first-generation Festival stands out in my mind ... Read More

Putting the Dom Rep citizenship imbroglio in context

BRUCE GOLDING | Sunday, June 28, 2015    

Dominican Republic Flag

THERE can be no question that the action of the Dominican Republic (DR) in denying citizenship to persons of Haitian descent born in that country is an atrocity. Its retroactivity to 1929 makes its even more egregious. Yet, the DR should not be singled out merely because it is in our neighborhood. Many may be surprised to know that what the DR is doing is common practice in most countries of the world. Of 194 countries, the right to citizenship by place of birth, known in legal jargon as jus s ... Read More



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