The ruling PNP doesn't care; the Opposition JLP is irrelevant

The ruling PNP doesn’t care;
the Opposition JLP is irrelevant

I was walking across the road in the little semi-rural town square on the way to my car when she stopped me, physically held me by the hand, and asked: "So, Mark, is how poor people gwine survive?" The temptation was to walk away and say to her, "Can we speak about this some other time?" then proba ... Read More

HANNA... did what any other
politician in a similar position
would have done
HOLNESS... called for an
increased government
subvention for the Alpha Boys’
SIR PATRICK... could use his
great influence to convince
the Seventh-day Adventists
worldwide to donate large
sums of money to this most
worthy cause Matters worth mentioning
Every now and then I am asked my views on certain topics. It is not easy to express all of them in ... Read More

FORD... taped speaking
Jamaican patois In a manner of speaking...
I read Franklin Johnson's recent column, 'The politics of English literacy' very carefully. Let me ... Read More

A movie poster depicting the Canadian
independent film Home Again, cowritten
by Jamaican Jennifer Holness
and Canadian-Jamaican David 'Sudz'
Sutherland featuring Jamaica life,
which was a missed opportunity for
our local film industry. The Jamaican film industry — still a mirage
There has been a lot of talk lately about 'the Jamaican film industry', but in my view there is no J ... Read More

Crawling out from under the cultural trash

Grace VIRTUE | Tuesday, April 22, 2014    

BENNETT... the body of work she has
left behind validates the joy and
versatility of the language

Fresh off the Easter Holidays and the power of the resurrection messages, I hope everyone is ready for "newness of life". There as some things that I would like to see go away. I am saddened, for example, when older Jamaicans tell me about how afraid they are as social conditions deteriorate and they feel less able to cope. One would think that, in a context where funds for capital development are scarce, responsible ministries/agencies would work harder to address situations that are perfect ... Read More

Ja's dormant spirit must be awakened this Earth Day

Wayne CAMPBELL | Tuesday, April 22, 2014    

Today, April 22, 2014, is recognised as Earth Day.

THERE are more than seven billion people living on planet Earth. Our planet is at a critical juncture. As the global population increases so too are the environmental challenges associated with so many people living in a finite area. Each year, the world pauses on April 22 to commemorate Earth Day. The global theme for Earth Day 2014 is "Green Cities". With more than half of the world's population living in cities, it is becoming more and more challenging to refer to our cities as 'green'. ... Read More

A resurrection for Jamaica?

Jean LOWRIE-CHIN | Monday, April 21, 2014    

(L-R )Andrew Mahfood, Desmond McKenzie and Richard Byles

THE announcement of new taxes took a bit of the flavour out of our Easter bun and cheese — in fact, some of us may have sliced these seasonal treats a little thinner when we heard that we had to find an additional $6.7 billion worth of taxes to close that ever-recurring gap in our $118-billion budget. To make matters worse, water is scarce, and electricity is threatening a 21 per cent rate hike. We the honest residents of Jamaica are being asked to pay more to help cure others of their c ... Read More

Goat Islands: A mistake we must not make

Alfred SANGSTER | Monday, April 21, 2014    

Goat Islands: A mistake we must not make

An agreement has been signed for a Chinese-initiated logistics hub to be developed on the Goat Islands. A forum at the UWI on November 10, 2013 unfortunately cast the development as a war between the environment and development. The battle lines have been drawn as the issue emerges as a critical one for Jamaica. This article reexamines the issues and postulates a win-win situation for Jamaica with the retention of the current multi-user arrangements for the Portland Bight with the development ... Read More

The power and complexity of the resurrection

EVERTON PRYCE | Sunday, April 20, 2014    

PALERMO, Sicily — Portraying Jesus
Christ, a man takes part in a Way of the
Cross procession at St Isidoro Agricola
church in Palermo on Friday, April 18,
2014. Holy Week commemorates the last
week of the earthly life of Jesus Christ
culminating in his crucifixion on Good
Friday and his resurrection today —
Easter Sunday. (PHOTO: AP)

THOUSANDS of Christians will gather today over the length and breadth of this country in churches, under tents, and in varying other structures, to celebrate and revere the resurrection event of Jesus Christ. Even Jamaicans who are all children of the same God but choose to devise their own expressions — from pocomania through cultism to Zion revivalism, and to the contemporary version of self-government in religion known as Rastafari — will be preoccupied in one form or another wi ... Read More

Professor Mark Shields — that guru of journalism

BY HG HELPS Editor-at-Large | Sunday, April 20, 2014    

SHIELDS... now claims to know about
the principles of journalism

NINE years ago, the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) came up with what seemed like a brilliant idea: to 'import' police officers from Britain and Canada to bolster its existing staff and help to reduce crime and violence in the Western Hemisphere's murder capital. Among the first arrivals was one Mark Shields, who along with fellow United Kingdom citizens Les Green and Justin Felice would make their mark in different ways. Green has since returned to England, having left an indelible signature ... Read More

Marcus James, truly a Jamaican success story

MARK WIGNALL | Sunday, April 20, 2014    

JAMES… travelled all across the island
to share his ideas of microfinancing

In 2000 when 28-year-old baby-faced Marcus James went downtown Kingston to make his pitch to higglers and small business operators, he was not only armed with a dream and an idea but a fiercely quiet determination to bring them to reality. Operating out of a shoebox-sized office space of 400 sq ft in a corner of a building owned by his parents and a staff complement of himself and two HEART trainees, he was in the early days 'head cook and bottle washer'. "I was doing IT, training, travelling ... Read More

The Easter tradition and Miss Mary dry-foot Bwoy

LANCE NEITA | Sunday, April 20, 2014    

Professor Mervyn Morris looks at newspaper articles reporting on his work and mounted in an
exhibition at his appointment as Poet Laureate of Jamaica last Tuesday.

WELL, I hope you cracked your egg on Holy Thursday night and read good fortune from the shape of the egg white. Tradition says that by the following day, Good Friday, you should have known what the future holds for you. I have no doubt that the answers for many will unfold at Caymanas Park over the weekend, and at least one lucky lotto ticket owner will be jumping for joy with egg white all over his or her face. Breaking the eggshell was one of the popular stories in my generation. Another was ... Read More

That elusive growth agenda

CLAUDE ROBINSON | Sunday, April 20, 2014    

Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston is one of the State assets that the Government
hopes to privatise this year.

CONSISTENT with expectations, minister of finance and planning Dr Peter Phillips Thursday presented a Budget that created little news and less excitement. And it was not because the Holy Easter weekend intervened between the statement to Parliament and the typical news cycle. It was because he told us the uncomfortable truth, namely, that the country is obliged by its creditors to live within its means and has no room to prime the pump of economic growth. "The only way out of our present diffi ... Read More

US: Caribbean's friend or unintentional foe?

SIR RONALD SANDERS | Sunday, April 20, 2014    

BIDEN… pledged US support for Caribbean economic growth and development when he met
Caricom leaders in May 2013

In what has to rate as one of the most insensitive and outrageous demands on a Caribbean country, US Government representatives have told The Bahamas Government that it must drop "all duties" on US products entering the country as a condition of being admitted to membership of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Should The Bahamas agree to do so, the country would lose the larger part of US$700 million that it earns from duties on imports, the vast majority of which come from the US for obvious ... Read More



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