A letter to Commissioner Carl McKay Williams

A letter to Commissioner
Carl McKay Williams

Dear Commissioner: CONGRATULATIONS on your appointment as commissioner and head of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF). Like many of your fellow citizens, I am happy to see this seat occupied by an increasingly high calibre of Jamaican officers. I believe it is good for our psyche to see the prog ... Read More

TACLOBAN, Philippines — The coastline of Tacloban City still bears scars from the massive
damage left by Super Typhoon Haiyan that devastated the central Philippine city on November 8,
2013. (PHOTO: AFP) Climate change is Ja’s challenge too
All across the world, in every kind of environment and region known to man, increasingly dangerous w ... Read More

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller (right) presents Olympian Shelly-Ann
Fraser-Pryce and her husband Jason Pryce with diplomatic passports after
appointing Fraser-Pryce as ambassador - special envoy to Jamaica, last week. Positive signals for Jamaica
WE are delighted to hear that tourism is surging in Jamaica. Our traditional Jamaican hospitality pr ... Read More

We need to take Jamaica’s current spatial plan out of Government committees of technocrats and politicians now. Jamaica needs an active spatial plan
JAMAICA is in need of rigorous planning from Morant to Negril Point. The current development activit ... Read More

Need for changing Caricom's 'showtime' culture at UN

RICKEY SINGH | Sunday, September 28, 2014    

The Community Secretariat in Guyana.

AT the time of writing this column the foreign ministers of our Caribbean Community were engaged in a meeting at United Nations headquarters in New York to review challenges and problems that require collective resolution during the current session of the United Nations General Assembly. Their meeting was preceded by a two-day climate change summit arranged by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, which focused on the recent small island states (SIDS) conference in Samoa. If ever there was a time ... Read More

The ghost of Christmas

Lance Neita | Sunday, September 28, 2014    

In the past, Christmas celebrations would begin in December. Nowadays Christmas tune and sales begin as early as September.

IT'S not yet Thanksgiving Day, but the Christmas messages and commercials have started to creep up on the American television channels. Once upon a time Christmas was celebrated in December, but today we are talking about Christmas in September. Here in Jamaica we usually wait until after the Heroes' Day weekend before we start singing the Hark! the herald shoppers' song. I will bet that, come October 21, we will be competing with the American stations in terms of advertising space dedicated to ... Read More

Circling me with chikungunya

Mark WIGNALL | Sunday, September 28, 2014    

Buff Bay Hospital in West Portland, Daryl Vaz’s constituency

ROGER hobbled up to me in the little town square, and as he made the last few steps before he stopped, he reminded me of one of my senior citizen friends, Gabby, in his 90s but still shuffling along with his walking stick and smiling with a cigar stuck in one corner of his mouth. Roger was in his early 40s, had a breakout of fine rashes over his skin, was in pain, and had no money for painkillers. As he made the appeal to me I gave him $200 and suggested he also buy juice to better sustain his ... Read More

Will the recommendations of the Tivoli Commission of Enquiry be implemented?

Everton PRYCE | Sunday, September 28, 2014    

Security forces on an operation in Tivoli Gardens.

NOT long from now, the arduous work of the recently appointed Tivoli Commission of Enquiry into the security forces' operation at Tivoli Gardens in May 2010 will commence and speculation is rife amongst countless critics that it will serve no useful purpose. A recent letter writer to this newspaper, Colonel Allan Douglas, posturing as the self-appointed conscience of the nation, went as far as to declare that "we have been made to believe there are no lessons to be learnt" by the impending enqu ... Read More

The beatitudes of poverty alleviation: an enduring formula for sustainable development II

DENARTO DENNIS | Sunday, September 28, 2014    

Economic factors, resources and history impact the age-old existence of poverty.

Earlier the findings on the effects of governance on the incidence of poverty in a state were examined. Now, the effects of economic factors, resources and history on economic outcomes will be addressed, leading into the new poverty reduction model being proposed as an enduring solution to this age-old human condition. The combined findings on economic growth are decisive. In all six countries, the analysis has clearly shown that strong economic growth is a necessary condition for sustained dev ... Read More

Tooting one's own horn

CLYDE MCKENZIE | Sunday, September 28, 2014    

In his bestseller the Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell enlists a number of factors that he deems important to the attainment of professional success or prominence. He cites the "10,000-Hour Rule" as an important pre-condition for successful professional outcomes. According to Gladwell, in order to secure what can be deemed a measure of expertise in any endeavour, one needs to expend at least 10,000 hours honing that particular skill. Gladwell also credits timing, particularly that of one's birth, as ... Read More

'Right is might' — the reality and the dream

SIR RONALD SANDERS | Sunday, September 28, 2014    

OBAMA... right makes might

ACTIVITIES at the United Nations in New York this week may have looked like a celebration of internationalism and a recognition that territorial wars, terrorism, religious intolerance, climate change, ethnic violence, and disease have been recognised as threats to all mankind, demanding collective action by every government. The impression that internationalism had taken centre stage over narrow national motivations and objectives might also have been bolstered by the rare event of a meeting of ... Read More

Jamaica's dejected future, theatrical

Garfield Higgins | Saturday, September 27, 2014    

(L-R) SMITH... actions resemble those of someone involved in
inelegant tomfoolery. PERKINS... the late ‘king of talk back programmes’ in Jamaica

Truth may be stretched, but cannot be broken, and always gets above falsehood, as oil does above water. -- Miguel de Cervantes THREE of the numerous email I received last week in response to my article 'How can Jamaicans stand such times and live?' made me realise even more that there is a seismic sea wave -- also called tsunami -- that is rapidly engulfing this land of wood and water. No amount of obfuscation, pontification or reciting of cherry-picked, politically convenient, and/or incorrec ... Read More

'Belief kill and belief cure'

Barbara GLOUDON | Friday, September 26, 2014    

The plane, the plane! Some Jamaicans have theorised that the source of the chik-V across the island is the recently
crashed plane off the coast of Portland.

CHIK-V is becoming more divisive every day. It is no longer just a matter of mosquito vs humans. It is another outpouring of how little we respect each other. The disease is rampant in other areas of the Caribbean but, so far, I haven't seen any reports that it is the subject of political friction and doubt. What is wrong with us, eeh? Yes, we can have different opinions. Yesterday (Thursday), while working on RJR's Hotline, I stumbled upon the disbelief of many people who were prepared to disc ... Read More

Jamaica and Scotland -- a tale of two peoples

Franklin JOHNSTON | Friday, September 26, 2014    

GLASGOW, United Kingdom — Pro-Union supporters mark out slogans in George Square,
Glasgow, Scotland, last week, during a referendum on Scottish independence. (PHOTO: AFP)

THE people of Scotland have spoken in their referendum. The Union Flag stands -- God save the Queen! September 18 was a good day for the UK and for Scotland. The British did not resist the Scots call for a referendum and democracy in the UK shines bright. The Scots crowned themselves with glory in a voter turnout of near 90 per cent. The world saw democracy in action. CSME affords us no such democracy. It has a blue flag hidden as they are not ready for it to fly higher than our black, green an ... Read More



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