It's more than a cake
I recall having an interview with journalist Cliff Hughes on January 5, 2016 regarding the 'bad gas' saga. Now, almost three years later, we are discovering that the ministry, with the regulatory oversight, was incapable of any meaningful action(s) to investigate and/or to mitigate the...... Read More

US involvement in Central America created border crisis
The current wave of migration from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras has its roots in six decades of US policies carried out by members of both parties.... Read More

Stepping up for Jamaica's good
It is a time for giving, and this came in many forms over the past two weeks. First, there was the launch of the documentary Where is Melissa — The Conversation Continues from Kairos Productions led by young Rev Kevin “Nana Moses” Calvert aimed at raising awareness of...... Read More

Scuttling the SOE makes crime the PNP's endgame

Monday, December, 17 2018    

In the wake of the Opposition People's National Party's (PNP) withdrawal of support for the continuation of the state of public emergency (SOE) two representatives of the that party have placed positions in the public space that should be given ventilation. Read More

The PNP doesn't seem to learn from its mistakes

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, December, 16 2018    

The ocean never drowns a person whose legs it doesn't come into contact with. — Igbo Proverb, Nigeria Read More

Trump: a lesson for leaders

with Debra Fraser | Sunday, December, 16 2018    

Yes, leaders, let's go there. Read More

Ja's Data Protection Act gives citizens more control over their personal data

Shaista Peart | Sunday, December, 16 2018    

We are now living in the digital age which is grossly powered by information. Through technological advancements it is becoming easier for us to share information about ourselves to conduct everyday tasks and to interact with others. Evidently, the sharing of personal... Read More

The 1970s: The cream floats to the top (Part 4)

Sunday, December, 16 2018    

The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) had been restructured into a disciplined and well-organised campaign model capable of endurance. In January 1980, at a retreat in Montego Bay, I restructured the party machinery into functional areas of operation: administration, finance, campaign, organisation,... Read More

Hemp herb takes the spotlight

Ellen Campbell | Sunday, December, 16 2018    

Cannabis sativa, a variety of ganja, has a cousin. Her name is hemp. She is less delicate, and not as beautiful as her cousin. Hemp is hardier and more functional than the rest of the cannabis family and is well known for the industrial purposes for which her... Read More

Petrojam needs a 'Fresh Start', Holness

Al Miller | Sunday, December, 16 2018    

Jerusalem, Oh, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you. How often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks but you would not. — Matthew, tax collector (26 AD)  Read More

Scotiabank obligation for decades of profits

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, December, 16 2018    

A curious double standard is being applied by the Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) by its decision to sell its operations in nine Caribbean countries to Republic Financial Holdings Limited (RFHL) of Trinidad and Tobago. Read More

Black hair products, women's diseases and UWI research priorities

Franklin Johnston | Friday, December, 14 2018    

The research done by white people on black people's health, published in journals, which black people do not read, is amazing. Today we consider the epidemiology of African Diaspora women especially in the prevalence of hormone- impacted conditions, and the likely links... Read More

A journey indeed!

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, December, 14 2018    

On Wednesday evening of this week a group of distinguished guests gathered at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel in Kingston to witness the launch of a book which captures a slice of Jamaican history. The publication in question goes by the title My Political... Read More




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