As we celebrate Windrush Day...

The 70th anniversary of the arrival of the Empire Windrush at Tilbury docks in the UK gives us a fitting opportunity to celebrate UK-Caribbean relations and the invaluable contribution the Windrush generation has made to British society ever since. The Caribbean Diaspora in the UK symbolises the... Read More

What's in medical ganja for small growers and investors?
The silence on ganja suggests our leaders are having second thoughts. Where is the money made in medical ganja? What is the small grower's quota? Can we export? Three years and no action. Why?... Read More

Families under pressure
The past weekend of parental gift-giving for the fathers among us has moved along. The future of the family continues to remind us how much change there has been in the life and times of families, here, there and everywhere.... Read More

Is the one-term phobia fuelling more corruption?
There is a growing fear among some supporters of both the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and the People's National Party (PNP) that the Jamaican electorate has become increasingly fed up with both parties and is therefore opting to give each of them no more than one term at a...... Read More

Coping with changes and stress

Thursday, June, 21 2018    

In a world where there is constant change it should not throw out our economy and cause stress every time there is change. There should be education to cope with change. We need to have a national change of mindset. Read More

How truly bankable is 'Brand Jamaica' for Jamaicans?

Donovan Watkis | Thursday, June, 21 2018    

Recently I saw that Tina Pinnock, known professionally as HoodCelebrityy, a Jamaican dancehall singer and songwriter from the Bronx, New York, signed to Epic Records. She released two mixtapes in 2017. After having only one hit song the record label found interest in... Read More

Whither trial by jury

Bert Samuels | Wednesday, June, 20 2018    

The opponents of trial by the people and of the people have finally paved the way to the abolition of trial by jury. The supporters of trial by judge alone for gun-related murders (in a Bill to be soon laid before the Parliament) have been making systematic progress to ultimately encroaching on... Read More

Kim, Trump Summit — a promissory note without any real promise

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, June, 20 2018    

There seems to be universal agreement that Kim Jong-un and the North Koreans gained more from the recent Donald Trump/Kim Summit than did Trump, America, and the world by extension. It was clear that Kim went into the summit far more prepared than Trump; that he knew... Read More

Urban resilience: Can our cities pass the stress test?

Henry J Lewis | Tuesday, June, 19 2018    

The world is becoming increasingly urban, and cities face constant struggle with the complex environmental social, economic, and political challenges of the 21st century. Cities have attracted and concentrated a massive number of people, generating new problems of... Read More

From regurgitation to critical thinking Give PEP a chance to work

Wayne Campbell | Tuesday, June, 19 2018    

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. — Albert Einstein  Read More

ATL'S golden gifts to Jamaica

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, June, 18 2018    

We were part of the happy buzz, last Tuesday, when hundreds converged on Hope Gardens to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Appliance Traders Group. The Gordon “Butch” Stewart organisation's ascent from a fledging supplier of air conditioning units in 1968 to the creation of... Read More

Public speaking: Problems & solutions

Clinton Chisholm | Monday, June, 18 2018    

Media houses and denominations are to blame for the gaffes — grammatical and especially pronunciation — their employees make because they do not provide the badly needed basic training in speech conventions and mastering pronunciation for them. Preachers and electronic media... Read More

Tight squeeze for Hong Kong's young professionals

Sunday, June, 17 2018    

HONG KONG, China (AFP) — As housing prices spiral in Hong Kong, young professionals are living in ever-shrinking spaces, with box-like “nano-flats” and co-shares touted as fashionable solutions. Read More

Magnanimity or self-glory?

Canute Thompson | Sunday, June, 17 2018    

I was travelling through the hills of Westmoreland on Tuesday, June 12, during coverage of the naming ceremony for the north-south link of Highway 2000. The radio signal was unclear at points. I heard parts of Prime Minister Andrew Holness's comments and the word “magnanimity” stood... Read More

A sequence of events: Sham, silence and socialism

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, June, 17 2018    

Do not forget what is it to be a sailor because of being a captain yourself. — Tanzanian proverb  Read More


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