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'Big Massa passin' thru'

WHILE on the road on Wednesday afternoon in my little car, I had to squeeze up to one side as diplomatic vehicles and police escorts blazed along South Camp Road towards New Kingston. Read More

Patriachy, religion, and Ja's toxic masculinity
One of my master's dissertations looked at male victims of domestic abuse. Its focus was Jamaican men. It was a qualitative study that explored, through in-depth interviews, the experiences of men who suffered abuse at the hands of their female spouses. As I recall, the literature had no...... Read More

Are the roots of lottery scamming in our culture?
The first time I ever came in contact with any form of scamming was during one of my infrequent trips to New York, USA, in the early 1990s. Some of my friends had migrated — or run off — to the US and were figuring out their immigration status while hustling away in Brooklyn...... Read More

Pompeo came to pump up votes for OAS puppet Almagro
Mike Pompeo, current United States secretary of state and former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, made a two-day working visit to Jamaica this week to pump up votes for the re-election of Luis Almagro as general secretary of the Organization of American States (OAS) on March...... Read More

The renaissance of Port Royal?

Wayne Campbell | Wednesday, January, 22 2020    

All eyes were on the town of Port Royal as the Marella Discovery 2, with over 2,000 passengers, became the first cruise ship to dock at the newly constructed Port Royal cruise port. The town of Port Royal, Jamaica, has had a storied history. Most of us learnt about Port Royal in primary... Read More

The Church must work together to arrest Ja's social ills

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, January, 22 2020    

Read More

Glorified guards can't do police work

BY Michael Khreuz | Tuesday, January, 21 2020    

Criminal anthropology is key in understanding criminals and the thinking that's behind how and why crimes are committed. Read More

What's wrong with us?

BY Kenloy Smith | Tuesday, January, 21 2020    

In a discussion on the recent gruesome killings I heard a remark that bothered me: “What is wrong with our males?” But, honestly, what really is wrong with our males? Read More

Women have to assert themselves in establishing relationships

BY Calvin E Isaacs | Tuesday, January, 21 2020    

The back-to-back killings, two days in a row, of women in intimate partner violence in a country as small as Jamaica should have evoked howls of condemnation from all corners of the society. Sadly, however, though a few voices of outrage were heard, many, including women, almost... Read More

Praying for peace and integrity

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, January, 20 2020    

Although his address was punctuated with applause, there was none when Bishop Conrad Pitkin, custos of St James, asked in his address at the 40th National Leadership Prayer Breakfast (NLPB), “Is it time for a truth and reconciliation commission?” Read More

Guinea hen weed: Miracle drug or not?

Adella Campbell | Monday, January, 20 2020    

For some time I have listened to the debate on the use of “miracle herbs” by Jamaicans. Not only are these herbs perceived as miracle workers, they also form part of treatment modalities for ailments such as prostate cancer. Further, it is not uncommon for patients or family... Read More

Look to manufacturing!

Al Miller | Monday, January, 20 2020    

No country is ever successful in the long term... without a really strong and vibrant manufacturing base. — Alan Mulally  Read More

Lies, fake news, and 'bad mind' not the tools for success, PNP

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, January, 19 2020    

The venom of the snake does nothing to the back of the tortoise. — Yoruba proverb, Nigeria Read More

Inclusion, populism and gatekeeping The National Gallery and the preservation of quality

PETRONA MORRISON | Sunday, January, 19 2020    

The inaugural National Gallery Summer Exhibition 2019, which opened in July and closed in November, invites serious questions about the direction of the National Gallery, and most importantly the future of this major cultural institution. Read More

Why Caricom had no national for OAS top job

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, January, 19 2020    

Readers of Barbados newspapers were exposed recently to the views of John Beale, one of the country's former ambassadors to the Organization of American States (OAS), on the forthcoming election for the post of secretary general. Because he served at the OAS, and did sterling work, his views... Read More


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