JISCO/Alpart marks bauxite mining renewal, says Henry

Minister of Transport and Mining Mike Henry says that the positive impact of the re-opening of the JISCO Alpart bauxite/alumina plant is already being felt in St Elizabeth and neighbouring Manchester. Read More

Bartlett calls for greater multilateral funding for Small and Medium Tourism Enterprises

Sunday, June, 25 2017    

Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett is challenging multilateral financial institutions to do more to build out the capacities of tourism-dependent nations, so that their agriculture, manufacturing and cultural industries can support tourism. Read More

US aluminium makers point finger at China, call for tariffs

Sunday, June, 25 2017    

WASHINGTON, United States (AFP) — Chinese overproduction is sending the US aluminium industry into near collapse, endangering supplies of materials critical to American defence and national security, manufacturers told a public hearing on Thursday. Read More

Headline investing

With Yanique Leiba-Ebanks | Sunday, June, 25 2017    

Headline investing is not a new type of investing style. It is a reference to the typical investor reacting to the various headlines generated on an almost minutely basis. Read More

Are you cut out for a work-from-home job?


Telecommuting has become synonymous with convenience, flexible schedules and, yes, pajamas. You don't have to commute, spend money on transportation or dress up. But despite the appeal and laid-back reputation, there are challenges. Read More

Electric vehicles inefficient way to reduce CO2 emissions – study

Sunday, June, 25 2017    

MONTREAL, Canada (AFP) — Subsidising the purchase of electric cars in Canada is an inefficient way to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that is not cost effective, according to a Montreal Economic Institute study released Thursday. Read More

Cardinal cut: Italy's tailor to the stars of the Church

Sunday, June, 25 2017    

ROME, Italy (AFP) — Raniero Mancinelli cannot afford to drop a stitch. Pope Francis is creating five new cardinals next week and the race is on to have their scarlet robes ready in time. Read More

Who is the real boss of your life and your money?

With Dennise Williams | Sunday, June, 25 2017    

For many of us, complaining about the boss is a way to deal with stress. However, have you stopped to consider that regardless of where you work, you are actually the boss of yourself and your money? Read More

UK nuclear plant to cost consumers 'billions more': auditors

Sunday, June, 25 2017    

LONDON, United Kingdom (AFP) — A highly controversial UK g overnment deal for the new Hinkley Point nuclear power plant will cost British energy consumers billions more pounds than forecast, the country's National Audit Office said... Read More

US new home prices hit record in May

Sunday, June, 25 2017    

WASHINGTON, United States (AFP) — Sales of new homes in the United States picked up in May as prices surged to the highest levels on record, the Commerce Department reported Friday. Read More

Puerto Rico families fight, flee a surge in foreclosures

Sunday, June, 25 2017    

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Elvis Guzman opened the letter, saw it was in English, and took it to his lawyer for translation. Read More

JMA signs agreement with Quikanou

Friday, June, 23 2017    

The Jamaica Manufacturers' Association (JMA) has signed a memomrandum of understanding with e-commerce platform , opening a pathway for local businesses looking to capitalise on the US$22.1-trillion e-commerce industry. Read More




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