Usain Bolt Tracks & Records to open in UK this year

The f irst global Usain Bolt Tracks & Records (UBTR) restaurant is set to open in the UK later this year. Read More

Lamar Harris — on the path of what's next for the financial services sector
You can count on one hand the number of women who head financial institutions in Jamaica. Lamar Harris, CEO of Stocks & Securities Limited (SSL) is in that group.... Read More

Money thieves — who stole my money?
Ok you got me, I was just trying to get your attention. It really isn't a question of who, but what took my money. We refer to counting our money, but the real measure of money is what it can buy, aka purchasing power. ... Read More

Peso crisis highlights fragility of Argentina's economy
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AFP) -- Argentina appears to have resolved, at least in the short term, the crisis over the peso and its depreciation by taking drastic action — but analysts warn the policy is untenable over time.... Read More

Why was my ATM card withheld?

Claudienne Edwards | Sunday, May, 20 2018    

Dear ClaudienneI am writing to seek your assistance in highlighting a very thoughtless policy at Scotiabank.I am visiting from the United States and have an account with Bank of America. Read More

Gardening — May 20

Betty Ashley | Sunday, May, 20 2018    

Dear Orchid Doc:What's the best orchid for beginners? Beginner Dear Beginner: Read More

From chicken to condoms, marketers cash in on royal wedding

Sunday, May, 20 2018    

LONDON, United Kingdom (AP) -- If British marketers are to be believed, nothing is a better royal wedding tribute than a limited-edition bucket of fried chicken chased with a bottle or two of Royal Wedding pale ale. Read More

Hurricanes cost Caribbean US$700 million

Sunday, May, 20 2018    

 MIAMI, United States (AFP) — The tourism industry in the Caribbean region attracted almost one million fewer visitors after hurricanes Irma and Maria hit last year, costing it over US$700 million, according to an industry study released Monday. Read More

In Lagos, the 'Venice of Africa' fights for survival

Sunday, May, 20 2018    

LAGOS, Nigeria (AFP) -- Its nickname is the “Venice of Africa” but, other than its maze of narrow waterways where wooden boats glide, Makoko offers little similarity with the fabled canal city of Europe. Read More

Falling US unemployment rate hides racial disparities

Sunday, May, 20 2018    

WASHINGTON, United States (AFP) — The US jobs earlier this month showed the black unemployment rate in April fell to its lowest on record, but the figure hides a multitude of racial disparities. Read More

Kingston Bookshop hosts Reading Day

Saturday, May, 19 2018    

KINGSTON Bookshop on Wednesday hosted its third annual Reading Day at its Leslie Ridout Hall in Kingston. Read More

SSL invests big in Everything Fresh IPO

BY DENNISE WILLIAMS Observer writer | Friday, May, 18 2018    

Everything Fresh Limited (EFL) is seeking to raise $390 million from the issue of 156 million shares at $2.50 each, with the offer opening tomorrow. Stocks & Securities Ltd (SSL) is taking up a significant stake in the company and offering around three per cent or... Read More

In Guadeloupe, going green means going bananas

Friday, May, 18 2018    

CAPESTERRE-BELLE-EAU, France (AFP) — Yellow is the new green in the French Caribbean archipelago of Guadeloupe. Read More

Summer sales training programme to give high school leavers an edge

BY DENNISE WILLIAMS Observer writer | Friday, May, 18 2018    

In a unique push to equip high school leavers, the TGL School of Sales & Sales Management, in partnership with the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC), has awarded a scholarship to Jamaica College 6th form business student Kevaughn... Read More

Total CEO says oil price could hit US$100 'in coming months'

Friday, May, 18 2018    

WASHINGTON, United States (AFP) — The CEO of French oil giant Total said yesterday he would not be surprised to see the price of a barrel of crude reach US$100 later this year. Read More


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