Money Tips for Rebound Kids

Money Tips for Rebound Kids

Most young adults eagerly look forward to the day when they will be able to break free of the restrictions of their parents' home and move out into their own place. The ability to earn enough money so that they can become financially independent is a major milestone in their lives. However, there a ... Read More

Higher electricity,
gas prices to come Higher electricity, gas prices to come
Jamaicans should brace for higher electricity bills and prices at the pump due to political unrest i ... Read More

Partygoers attend one of the thousands of events to be licensed in
Jamaica. Tourism ministry aims to pinpoint value of entertainment industry in Jamaica
THE MINISTRY of Tourism and Entertainment hopes to finally pinpoint the value of the local entertain ... Read More

STEWART... the high level of alkalinity found in Lifespan's Blue
Mountain spring water neutralises the acidity of the body
caused by stress, air pollution, and modern diets Jamaican water company heads to China
JAMAICAN water company, Lifespan, was awarded an exclusive Caribbean and Latin American invitation t ... Read More

Kremi enters final phase of expansion thrust

Wednesday, August 27, 2014    

Workers package Kremi ice cream cakes at Caribbean Cream’s factory in Kingston

KREMI maker, Caribbean Cream, beefed up its management with recent hires from local brewer Red Stripe as part of the final phase of its expansion thrust. The company is also readying itself to build a warehouse under its growth and rebranding programme that will cost over $300 million. "We have invested in the leadership of the company. We have invested in the future growth of the company," said Caribbean Cream's CEO Christopher Clarke at the company's annual general meeting held at the Jamaic ... Read More

Remittances is health insurance for some

Wednesday, August 27, 2014    

is health
for some

REMITTANCES serve as an informal health insurance scheme for vulnerable Jamaicans, according to a recently published Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) working paper. It signals that remittances tend to cover the cost of illness and accidents, wrote Diether Beuermann, Inder Ruprah and Ricardo Sierra — the authors of the paper . “Our main findings suggest that health shocks adversely affect total household expenditures by an average of 19 per cent,” according to the articl ... Read More

Jamaican Teas to launch canned tuna

Wednesday, August 27, 2014    

John Mahfood boasts that the tuna which will be branded under Caribbean Dreams will be the most cost-friendly canned product
to be found in its category on shelves anywhere in Jamaica.

JAMAICAN Teas is expanding its canned food line. The food processor, largely known for its hot beverage products, plans to launch a tuna fish product in the local market next month. This will add to its canned ackee sold in the UK and the east coast of the US, and its line of sardines sold locally. The company provided no details on its push in canned foods. But it said its focus is on products which have long shelf life and which are used by households across all income groups. John Mahfood ... Read More

Sterling eyes new date for listing in September

Wednesday, August 27, 2014    

Kevin Richards

STERLING Investment Limited (SIL) has set a new three-week target to be listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE). The company should be fully listed on the JSE "by the second week of September", according to Kevin Richards, SIL vice-president of marketing and sales. He said that the process of getting listed has been a very extensive one but "the lawyer and advisors had submitted the application last week and we expect a response from the Jamaica Stock Exchange by the end of this week". Ba ... Read More

Jamaica’s resilience to inflationary shocks unprecedented — Wynter

BY Keith Collister | Wednesday, August 27, 2014    

Bank of Jamaica
Governor Bryan

IN a quarterly press briefing essentially devoted to the issue of inflation, Bank of Jamaica Governor Brian Wynter argued that the Jamaican economy is becoming more resilient to inflationary shocks because of the transformation taking place under the economic reform programme, even going so far as to describe the environment for inflation as showing an “unprecedented resilience”. Annual headline inflation has been trending down since September, falling to eight per cent at the end o ... Read More

Licensing intellectual property rights

With KERRY-ANN HEAVENS | Wednesday, August 27, 2014    

Microsoft, for example, has over 20 licensing deals with
companies such as Samsung, HTC and LG which cover its
patents for android technology.

A business that owns patents, trade marks and other intellectual property (IP) assets, may potentially be sitting on an untapped gold mine. In many instances only a small portion of these intangible assets are utilised to facilitate the business' core functions. Leveraging unused IP assets may serve to create new revenue streams for the business. A business may derive significant income from the licensing of its intellectual property. IBM, for example, generates in excess of US$1.5 billion annua ... Read More

Mutual funds are for everyone

with DEBORAH VIEIRA | Wednesday, August 27, 2014    

Mutual funds are for everyone

YOU may be asking "what is a mutual fund and why should I invest in it?" Simply, a mutual fund is an investment vehicle that is made up of a pool of funds collected from many investors. These funds are used to purchase securities such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments and commodities. The type of assets included in the fund will depend on the fund's mandate and investment strategy. There are several advantages to a mutual fund, the first being diversification. Mutual funds provide the ... Read More

Sony network hacked, exec's flight diverted

Wednesday, August 27, 2014    

Sony network hacked, exec's flight diverted

DALLAS (AP) — Hackers attacked Sony's PlayStation Network and apparently disrupted the travel plans of a top company executive by going on Twitter to suggest that there was a bomb on his American Airlines plane. American cut short the Sony Corporation executive's flight on Sunday and made an unplanned landing in Phoenix. The plane with 179 passengers and a crew of six was scheduled to fly from Dallas to San Diego but stopped for what the FBI termed a security threat. American Airlines de ... Read More

WHO recommends banning e-cigarette sales to minors

Wednesday, August 27, 2014    

sales to

GENEVA, Switzerland (AFP) — Governments should ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said yesterday, warning that they pose a "serious threat" to foetuses and young people. The UN health body also recommended that the cigarette-shaped electrical devices be banned from public indoor spaces "until exhaled vapour is proven to be not harmful to bystanders". "The existing evidence shows that (e-cigarette) aerosol is not 'merely vapour' as is often claimed ... Read More

Amazon readying an attack on Google's ad business

Wednesday, August 27, 2014    

Amazon logo

NEW YORK, USA (AFP) — US online giant Amazon is preparing to take on Google in one of its core businesses, Internet advertising, the Wall Street Journal said recently, citing sources familiar with the matter. Amazon is developing its own programme to target ads using the information it gathers about the preferences of its customers. Tests of the new platform could start later this year, the business daily said. Google is for now the uncontested top dog in online publicity, with around a ... Read More



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