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Locally branded 3D phone to hit the market

Staff reporter

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Western Jamaican businessman I Q Haylett is excited, as he is set to introduce a cellphone boasting 3D technology in the local market by the end of this month.

“This phone is ready to go. I am looking at some possible collaboration with different distributors here, but as it is now, by the end of this week I should have the manual completed, and once the manual is completed then we will be ready for distribution,” Haylett told the Business Observer.

According to Haylett, the project to manufacture the instrument has been in the making for a couple of years, but the high-tech instrument, named IQ Haylett after him, is now ready.

“The instrument is on the Android platform with two SIM cards, fingerprint access, among other specs. But it has 3D services which no other phone has,” he said, demonstrating the instrument as an image popped out of the screen.

“It gives glasses-free 3D. With this phone you don't need glasses. This phone offers everything in 3D, although it shows 2D just the same.”

The businessman also revealed that the first-of-its-kind telephone also boasts a 3D camera as well as a regular 13 megapixel camera.

“It (also) has a 3D video camera. It can videotape in 2D and it processes it into a 3D production. You can actually make 3D video with the phone,” Haylett disclosed. The Chinese- produced phone should sell at a competitive price.

He noted that the phone will be available in four markets worldwide, and he has the responsibility for distribution in the Caribbean and Canadian regions.

Apart from the advanced technology in the IQ Haylett phone, Haylett said his team will also be introducing other appliances featuring 3D technology.

“We also have 28- inch screen, 50-inch screen and 65-inch screen televisions “ Haylett remarked.

“So you could buy a regular television now, glasses-free. Some people now have other brands of 3D television, but you are required to wear glasses,” he said. Tablets will be ready in about two weeks.

Haylett further noted that having been chosen Businessman of the Year in New Jersey in the 1990s, he met several influential business operators which led to this 3D project.

The glasses-free 3D phone is the invention of Portugese-born Dr Antonio Lopes, who along with Haylett, chief executive officer; Dale Stephens, chief operations officer, and other members form the company, IQ Haylett Digital.

In the meantime, Haylett, who is also involved in the entertainment industry, expressed the view that Jamaicans should look towards inculcating the youth into the field of technology in order to boost the economy.