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Erica Raymond drives sales and growth at Yello Media

Senior staff reporter

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Erica Raymond may not be the best known female executive in the Caribbean at the moment, but she is certainly highly respected for helping to chip away at that glass ceiling that had blocked the advancement of her sex for so many years.

Raymond started out as an administrative assistant at the Caribbean Publishing Company in 1996, in the British Virgin Islands.

Twenty-two years later, she transitioned into the Group Director of Sales for the Yello Media Group, which itself had been transitioned from Caribbean Publishing into Global Directories, and eventually relaunched as the Yello Media Group — the Caribbean's full-service advertising solutions partner connecting communities, customers and consumers both online and offline, in 2016.

After starting out as an administrative assistant in Yello's BVI office, she took on the challenge of conducting field sales when the opportunity arose.

She excelled in that field and was quickly transferred to the St Kitts office, where she managed sales for four eastern Caribbean territories and consistently exceeded her targets in the process.

She continued to be one of Yello Media's top performers, contributing 32-40 per cent of growth in the Leeward islands between 2011-2017, among other successes.

After continuous excellent performances, this year she was elevated to the post of senior general manager of Yello Media and director of sales, and has continued to surpass company expectations.

In her capacity as director of sales, Raymond's current focus include evaluating the company's current practices and processes, and restructuring the sales force in preparation for strategic growth.

She also leads a team of general and sales managers in growing the revenue portfolio, consistent with the objective of the Group.

“As we evolve, I see Yello Media Group really expanding and dominating the digital space within this region. More and more persons are becoming digitally inclined. We are therefore shaping our team to become more digitally aware and competitive across our markets,” she told the Jamaica Observer

Raymond lives her life according to her mantra “never limit yourself”, and is best known for being a team motivator and a hard worker.

She is also a trained Christian counsellor, the founder of Eagles Gathering International Ministry and the author of the Breaking Free Manual.

“I want to drive results and build a strong team and ensure that Yello's position stands strong,” she commented on what motivates her to keep going.

Yello Media Group is a leading provider of digital media and marketing solutions across 20 countries in the English-speaking Caribbean and Central and South America. The company offers a diverse mix of digital solutions, such as website development, social media management, online videos, and display advertising to help businesses build awareness, expand reach and generate leads.