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Introducing Liam

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

LIAM Ford was born August 28, 2017

Favourites: For Liam, water is life. He loves drinking water around the clock.

Mood: He has the shortest attention span except for when he is watching football or his favourite nursery rhymes.

Likes: If you want Liam to laugh, just throw objects in the air (himself included). He also loves when you pretend to retch while changing his dirty diaper. Overall, he likes when his parents play with him

Personality: Though he is a very happy baby, smiling 99 per cent of the time, Liam does not like kisses. He answers to his name only when he feels like it and is very demanding when it is 'his time'. He will grab your face and bring it to his if he is being ignored, and he will pretend to blow raspberries on you and then sink his little teeth in.

Parents' wish: Parents Lasine Matthews and Imrhon Ford want him to continue growing healthy, be self-assured, and also believe in himself.


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