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TOTAL puts the show on the road

Friday, June 08, 2018

TOTAL Jamaica is taking the Excellium experience to motorists across the island, through the Excellium Road Tour, which was organised as an initiative to complement the launch of the new product and introduce it to the Jamaican public.

So far, TOTAL has visited 18 service stations across three parishes, impacting over 1,000 consumers by giving away free gas vouchers and branded memorabilia.

“We had an official launch of Excellium earlier in May, but this launch did not cater to the entire Jamaica, so we decided to hit at least 50 of our 57 stations islandwide and have our brand ambassadors and influencers tell persons about our new product, give away fuel so persons can see how it works in their engines, and provide product sensitisation as well,” said Toni-Ann Reid, marketing officer for TOTAL Jamaica.

TOTAL Excellium is a fuel which cleans and provides lasting protection to engines, by ensuring they perform better, use less fuel, and produce fewer polluting emissions. Motorists who use the product, which is already added to the petrol at the pump, will notice improvement in the performance of their vehicles, because they will require less fuel and their vehicles will produce fewer polluting emissions.

“Jamaicans are very surprised at how well Excellium works and how long the fuel lasts! Since we introduced Excellium to the market earlier in May, it has been doing exceptionally well,” Reid continued.

During the road tour, which will see 52 stops across 13 parishes, motorists will not only benefit from free fuel giveaways, but also expert advice from Excellium Brand Influencers, who include professional racing car drivers David Summerbell and Andre Anderson, as well as auto professionals such as mechanic Leroy Bowla, owner and operator of Bowla's Garage.