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Showdown on Sunday

Friday, December 07, 2018

The final Asphalt Assault for the year, scheduled for Sunday December 9, at the Advanced Driver Training Centre, Lakes Pen in St Catherine, will be an ultra-competitive one, according to event organiser Christopher James.

“It will be the baddest competition all year. A proper display of driving talent,” he told the Jamaica Observer's weekly Auto magazine.

James sites three reasons for his confident statement, beginning with the new venue.

“The Advanced Driver Training Centre has ample parking and will provide great viewing for all the fans,” he said.

The second reason is due to the unique layout of the course, which makes use of the tarmac by connecting roads around the location and the Advanced Driver Training Centre's purpose-built concrete skid pad.

“The skid pad doesn't need wetting; it's designed for sliding.”

This will then allow an amazing showcase for local driving talent as James expects drivers from the three major local motorsports, rallying, karting, and circuit racing to face off against the more informal skills of those who specialise in dexterity, especially the wet-and-slide format popular on the western end of the island.

“It will be dirt and tarmac specialists vs the wet and slide specialists.”

The third and final reason is the potential head-to-head between the two men that have been dominating the Asphalt Assault series since its inception last December — Joel Jackson and Lee Vaz.

“I'll be there with my Nissan Silvia,” Jackson said.

His plan is to go up against Vaz. However, he is currently facing challenges.

“Our attendance is undecided at this time. My Subaru was damaged from Rally Jamaica, so if we show up we'd be driving my father's Toyota Starlet which we're trying to get together now,” Vaz explained.

However, Jackson won't have things all his way as four-time Barbados Autocross champion Christopher McFarlane will be in attendance.

— Rory Daley