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JAA hosts care clinic

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA) provided some cost-effective maintenance options to its members at its annual Auto Clinic at the JAAA's Central Avenue headquarters in Kingston recently.

The event provided a one-stop shop for motor vehicle care and maintenance and welcomed hundreds of members and non-members.

“It was our opportunity to provide members with an added bonus, through complimentary vehicle care services, which if accessed separately would've come at a sizeable cost,” said Dael Whylie, JAA marketing manager.

Among the service providers on hand was Everton Fenton's Garage, a JAA Approved auto repairer, which provided free vehicle inspections and estimates.

Highlighting the value of regular inspections, Sada Beecher, administrator at Everton Fenton's Garage, said long-term damage to a motor vehicle can be prevented if timely diagnostics are undertaken.

“As the driver, if you hear a rattle or feel your wheel pulling while operating your vehicle, that is out of ordinary. And, at that point, we recommend that you get an inspection; as well as each time the car receives a general service,” she said.

Participants also received preliminary vehicle valuations, which proved to be quite popular.

Heidi Pyne, chief marketing and business development officer at MSC McKay Limited, said individuals who benefited from the preliminary evaluation would also receive a discount on the detailed service, which may be accessed at a later date.

“Valuations are important and not only required for insurance renewals; but, also when you put your motor vehicle on sale and if you use the vehicle as collateral for a loan,” she said.

Constance Hartley, battery specialist at Tropical Battery, acknowledged that several of the batteries tested were close to their final expiration date and took the opportunity to advise motorists about best care battery practices.

“We recommend that motorists check their batteries every three months, because the three-month cycle is a reasonable time span to identify signs of defects. and, at the same time, it also enables the motorist to confirm the present state of the battery,” the specialist said.