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Are men fearful of love?

By Miss Kes

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


A lot of men grew up seeing their fathers with multiple women, and some grew up seeing their mothers being abused. And what that did to the minds of these men was to shift the real meaning of love and relationships.

As such, giving them something other than what they saw growing up can be an unwelcome experience for some men, because they are expecting the betrayal, the lies and the cheating.

Below men share their experiences of being fearful of love.


Growing up, I saw my mother cheating on my father. My father was a cab driver and most of the time he was not home and that was when I would see her taking in this particular man. She never knew that I saw her doing this but it affected me because I watched my father work hard to provide and she would do this. Before I got married, it was hard on my wife because I just wouldn't commit to her because reality slapped me and I wondered if she would do the same, or worse. Yes, men get fearful to love because women are lethal.


My ex did some things to me, I am wondering how I stayed with her that long and because of that, I just run road – no commitment, no strings attached, because women are evil and pretentious. You will think you have an angel when it's a demon you're lying down with. So right now I am doing solo and I'm good.


Of course men are afraid of love because women are devious and deceptive and I am not saying all women are, but the majority are and this turns men cold when it comes to love. I am currently single, and sad as it is, it is better than being in a relationship and being miserable.


Speaking for myself, I am not afraid of love. I think some men are because of an experience they had, and I cannot blame a man for trying and failing and deciding never again to go that way. But for me, if I am dating a woman and she betrays me, I just set her free and move because I'm not going to allow one bad apple to stop me from searching for the right one.


Bad experiences can lead a man to becoming something he doesn't want to  be, and I can attest to that because I have had several bad experiences that caused me to cheat on my now wife. I watched how much she loved me and was there for me but I was just afraid that she was just like the rest. We're married now and I realise that you really cannot let experiences cause you to become bitter as  a man.