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Demanding equal treatment

By Miss Kes

Friday, January 12, 2018


If Ishawna had her way, women should be demanding what they want in the bedroom, no holds barred.

But is this a move women are ready to, or should make?


Men enjoy when we please them, so I don't see why I should be pleasing my man and be left miserable. I am tired of men not caring about our sexual enjoyment too. I will do almost anything to make my man satisfied and to be honest, the day he stops pleasing me, I am going to be looking for a new relationship.


It is not that we men don't want to indulge in certain things to make our women feel good, it is a matter of being sure that the woman is worth it. For some women, once you do certain things in the bedroom they are on the phone telling everyone in their contacts and that can scare a man. For a man to go all out, the woman must ensure he can trust her.


I am not being sexually submissive to any man if he is not ensuring that I am having an orgasm every time we have sex. When a man is having sex, he is not stopping until he releases, so it is totally upsetting when he ensures that he is pleased, then rolls over and sleeps.


Some men are simply not into certain activities and women need to simply go find their match instead of forcing something on a man. Some men are not into the freaky thing. If you are a freaky female, go find a man that can give you that. Simple!