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Quick fixes for when things go wrong between the sheets

By Miss Kes

Friday, January 12, 2018


Let's face it, sex never goes according to the movies or the romance novels. Never. So what should a woman do when sex becomes a series of unfortunate events?

Here are some quick fixes.

Problem: Screaming out your ex's name by accident

Solution: First, accept that you did, but don't expect your partner to continue and pretend like his name is Jim when you screamed Junior.

Apologise and ensure that it never happens again. You are human, so it is okay to make that mistake especially if you were in that relationship for a decade.

Problem: Queefing

Solution: Know that this is normal, and if your man has a problem with it, he's probably not mature enough to be bedding you. Instead of being mortified, just laugh it off.

Problem: Kids walk in

Solution: No one wants their child to see a Sex in the City scene, but if it happens. Glossing over the spectacle it the best option. Cover up and find out what the child's needs. Then try to prevent it from reoccurring by locking the doors.

Problem: Stinky breath

Solution: If your morning breath is a romance killer, simply wake up before your lover does and go brush your teeth before you start pushing for action. Also, brushing with a good baking soda toothpaste and flossing before bed go a long way in minimising this.