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Why women talk about their relationships

By Miss Kes

Friday, January 12, 2018


On the regular, a woman who is experiencing a relationship pitfall may feel the need to confide in someone who will help her deal with it. It is not a habit that is much understood by men, but fact is, women are emotional beings who take solace in sharing.

This is necessary for:

Emotional sustenance

Women need to know they have other women behind their backs who shares their pain or pleasure. It is natural for women to turn to other women to build their self-esteem or to give them an avenue to cry and to vent their true feelings.

Rebuilding confidence

It's a challenging road when you are unsure about your relationship or you are confused about its direction.  Friends are usually the point of contact to give that boost and offer that confidence needed to figure things out. Friends' input oftentimes result in that wake-up call women need sometimes.

Giving clarity

Sometimes all a woman needs is another perspective, and that will become obvious in her venting.