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What women want

By Miss Kes

Friday, August 11, 2017


Many men hold that understanding a woman is like pushing water uphill in a basket. It can be a challenging task, especially if love is not at the core of that relationship.

But are women really as complex a species as men think?  How can a man actually please a woman?


Women are not hard to please. All we need is truth. I am tired of lies and that hurts more than anything. A woman will remain true and faithful to a man until she discovers his lies and secrets and that changes everything.


All I really want is attention and love. I was dating this guy who was so into himself! At first it was all about me, but as time went by, he stopped caring about me. I mean, I couldn't even get a compliment from him about anything. It was always about him until I made a decision to cut myself off from him. Every woman desires to feel special by their man.


I desire loyalty. It seems hard these days, though.  If a man can be true to his woman, there is nothing she won't do for him and that is plain fact.


I need money and love. I need money to ensure that I always look and smell good for my man and I need love to make the relationship last. I am not the type to sugarcoat anything – I cannot be in a relationship taking care of any man. God created man to provide and if I am with a man and he is not pulling his socks up, I am definitely helping him out by exiting that relationship.


Love. If you get a man to love you more than you love him, you are in good hands. Love changes the game and it gives you the best of life when it is true.