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When men use women

By Miss Kes

Friday, August 11, 2017


Many successful single women fall victims to pretty boys – you know, the ones who make good arm candy but suck your pockets dry. But who should really be blamed when a woman is scammed? The man, who sees a grand opportunity to extract all he can, or the woman who continues to enable him even though they are unequally yoked on all fronts?


I think women are really stupid to expect a man not to make a fortune out of a woman he sees as weak to him. I am not taking on any responsibility to “mind nuh man” as he is not my child. Men must provide, not sit and collect because they have charm or good looks. Ladies, open up your eyes and take care of yourself. Stop tek yuh hard-earned money and mind man!


I think women are used because they are not in love with themselves first. Before you even think to engage yourself in any relationship, be sure of who you are and what your worth is. Don't be fooled and think every man who says “I love you” means it. Sometimes it means “I love your money.”


I was used. I worked about three jobs overseas to make ends meet and the guy was taking my cash and taking care of other women. I was working in the cold and all sorts of weather conditions and that was what I got.


I am tired of seeing beautiful and gifted women being used by these jokers who'd rather drive around in pretty cars without a job. Ladies, get you a real man – one that works hard and provides. Looks and sex are nothing. Get a man of substance.


Too much of this is going on today. Lots of women are being scammed by these “face guys”. I prefer be with an ugly man who loves me truly.