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Forgive, or move on?

By Miss Kes

Thursday, August 10, 2017


A person can do so much forgiving and no more. It is quite frustrating for anyone to be consistently correcting or asking for a chance after the millionth offence. What should a woman do if after several occasions of forgiveness, her man keeps doing the same thing?


If I have to ask my man more than twice to stop doing something, I am going to consider leaving him. If someone truly cares for you, once you make it known that something is a problem, that person will attempt to fix it.


If you're forgiving your man for cheating over and over again and you see no change, move on. Life is very short and there are men out there with more than what you require. If someone is wasting your time, move on with no remorse.


I cannot be forgiving and see no change and stay with that man. I am sorry, but I believe that my time is very important, so if I sense that it is being taken for granted, I take myself away.


It is okay to forgive, but after a while draw a line and stand up for what you believe in.


I forgave my ex for over a decade. Currently I am dating two men and if one messes up, the other one is Plan B.