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How friends influence your relationship

By Miss Kes

Friday, May 19, 2017


Your circle of friends does have a strong impact on your life, so much so that their opinion can shape your relationships. So it is extremely important for you to be careful who you let in your personal space, for true harmony to reign.

Much can go wrong when false friends rear their heads and point you in the wrong direction, as well as much can go wrong if you have true friends, are guided by them, but still act contrary to their advice and then experience heartbreak. How do you strike a balance between the two scenarios?


A so-called best friend told my man that while he was travelling I was cheating and it was a lie. Now my relationship is on the rocks. She confessed in a text that she was sorry and jealous of my relationship. I showed this to my guy but he is still against me because he can't understand why my best friend would do that.


Friends do influence how you feel. If your friends' opinions matter a lot to you, they've actually got the power to destroy your relationship.

Lisa B:

I believe that first you should make an effort to build solid friendships, so that you will be assured that their opinions are in your best interests. Sometimes it's your friends who can help you see life without the rose-coloured glasses.