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Talking dirty

By Miss Kes

Friday, May 19, 2017


Sex is the ultimate step in intimacy. It is where you connect with someone you profess to love, or are attracted to. For some people, it is the avenue to be creative, and for others, it is done in a morally upright manner.

What is too much for you in the bedroom? Does it matter if he/she engages in dirty talk?


I don't see a problem with anything. You are allowed to be creative and spontaneous. I am a very open person when it comes to sex so if I am with a boring man, it is going to be a huge issue. If he is not talking dirty to me, he is going to know I am out of it because my sexual energy is going to drop.


I think it is totally disrespectful. Why would I enjoy a man calling me names? Once it reaches that level, he needs to go sleep with that kind of woman.


Well, I made the mistake and called my girl a name and that was the last I saw of her. Thing is, I used to deal with a girl before her and she used to love the dirty talk during sex, so I did the same thing. And that was that.


It makes the sex nicer to me. Some women think it is disrespectful but that is why their men cheat on them. They come to us who make it fun.



It is demeaning. Why would I consent to this? After the sex, that man will treat you exactly like what you allowed him to label you as. It is extremely demeaning and disrespectful and a total turn-off.