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How couples plan to celebrate V-Day


Monday, February 12, 2018


CANDLELIGHT dinner at home, a romantic movie, expensive chocolates and dinner at a fancy restaurant are some of the more popular things that couples do on Valentine's Day. However, sometimes it is nice to change up things a little and do something different. This is the day when lovers go the extra mile to show their love, so why not try something new? We asked people to share creative ways in which you can tell your partner 'I love you' on Valentine's Day.

Meaquale D, 24:

A unique way for me is basically to have a nice picnic at sunset on the beach with my other half. Good vibes and laughter to feed the soul.

Richard L, 30:

My girlfriend is special to me and I think we are going places. With some help I'm putting a video together about our special moments. We will watch it together after dinner.


Melissa F, 32:

My husband is overseas on business. For Valentine's Day I'm going to dress up for our video call and do a strip tease. I'm still perfecting my moves.


Nikita P, 25:

This year I'm going to leave love notes all over the house, in his car and his work bag. Hopefully I'll get to sneak in some at his office the day before, so he will see them when he gets there. We will still go out in the evening, but I think the love notes will be something different from the usual celebrations.


Romaine H, 23:

The men in my family will cook dinner for our women. So that will be me, my two brothers, my father, and my sister's husband. We even have someone coming in to decorate the place. It will be different and they will definitely be surprised. Not sure how the dinner will come out though, but it will be fun.