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'He called me a cursed half-breed man because I was having trouble conceiving...'


Monday, March 12, 2018


IT'S probably the worst feeling ever — being on the receiving end of insults from a person you love and care for unconditionally, and who promised you the same. These comments always seem to linger and sometimes haunt the offended party long after forgiveness has been rendered, or after they have moved on.

Below All Woman readers share some of the remarks from significant others which caused them the greatest pain:


Michelle, 45, business owner:

He told me to take down a photo off Facebook because I looked half horse half human, and that he already had to struggle with the sight of me in his face and didn't want to also see it when he clicked his phone or computer screen.


Tavia, 37, waitress:

He called me a witch, a cursed half-breed man, because at first I was having trouble conceiving and then when I finally did I kept miscarrying. But thanks be to God, though a single mother, I have two beautiful children.


Celia, 36, dental assistant:

My husband, at a point in my life when I was struggling with depression and struggling with a low sex drive, said to me that sex was a marital right and that he should not have to resort to what my Uncle Bill did to me, which was rape me at age seven. I trusted him with that piece of information.


Dillon, 32, landscaper:

She didn't say it to my face, but might as well she did. In a voicenote that her friend forwarded to me, she said that I was a useless man just because she wanted to justify cheating to her friend so she wouldn't think she was promiscuous. But it still hurt my feelings because I could not prove otherwise.


Harry, 49, engineer:

At a time when I lost my job, I recall being home with my young daughter — I was feeding her and also having a snack, and her mom, who was doing well at the time in a big company, walked in and said, “You can feed my child but how dare you sit there curled up eating when you didn't provide?” I didn't take another bite and thankfully God worked it out that that same evening I got a job offer and started two days later. We are married, but unless my cash bought it, I am not having it. I am still deeply wounded.


Alicia, 26, unemployed:

My ex-boyfriend told me that he wasn't physically or emotionally attracted to me anymore, one day after begging me to move in with him. That was the last straw because before that he told me he didn't think I was good enough in his parents' book so we would need to have a secret relationship for a while.


Kerry, 27, cashier:

In the middle of sex, he stopped and said to me sternly, “I hope you are actually taking the birth control.” I think this man thought I was careless enough to want to trap him with a child.