Online Advertising with the Jamaica Observer

Online advertising with the Jamaica Observer guarantees more ad views in a shorter amount of time. When you advertise online with the Jamaica Observer, you're giving your business the advantage of twenty-four hour visibility on Jamaica's most popular local-based site. is the island's top source for around-the-clock, updated, and concise information.

In Jamaica, our readers in Kingston, Montego Bay, Portmore, Ocho Rios, Mandeville, Negril and beyond look to the Jamaica Observer for the latest entertainment, sports, business, and political news. When you use online newspaper advertising with the Jamaica Observer, our readers will see your eye-catching, strategically placed image alongside the latest, most relevant news (articles, photographs and video) impacting Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Advertise Online with the Jamaica Observer

When you advertise online with the Jamaica Observer, our professional team of ad professionals will work with you to develop and understand your business ad placement and strategically position it to get premium visibility. Online advertising with the Jamaica Observer ensures that your ad will have more views, will cost less, and will have more impact for your business than any other traditional media placement.

The Jamaica Observer is read by Jamaicans islandwide and they go to the online version of the Jamaica Observer to learn about the latest news impacting them, their families, and their business. With online newspaper advertising, your sidebar or banner ad will be accessible and highly visible to these readers, ensuring the largest reach of any type of media outlet in Jamaica. Contact us to learn more about how to advertise online with the Jamaica Observer and boost your business.

Benefits of Online Advertising with the Jamaica Observer

The Jamaica Observer, via our website, offers advertisers the ultimate online platform and all of the associated benefits of online advertising. With web advertising, you will access a potent tool of communicating – positioning your brand and message to a large audience while enjoying measurable performance, unprecedented reach and increased referrals. This means of advertising is inexpensive, can be targeted and allows for extremely creative elements to be used in your campaign.

There are several advantages to online advertising with the Jamaica Observer, but primarily, our advertisers enjoy our services because they are inexpensive, easy to use, highly visible, and well trafficked.

Jamaican Web Advertising

Readers in Jamaica from Kingston, to Montego Bay, Portmore, and Negril view web advertising more frequently than ever before. Some benefits of online advertising with the Jamaica Observer are that you can reach more people, at a lower cost, more quickly. With Jamaica Observer's coverage updated seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, our readers are more frequently visiting our site to learn about late breaking news, entertainment, sports, politics, and business – and viewing your ad in the process.

When you advertise with the Jamaica Observer, your digital advertisement will be placed on the bottom or on the sidebar of our popular website. The placement of your advertisement, while not guaranteed, can be discussed with one of our professional advertising account managers, who can match your web advertising with appropriate content to get the highest visibility possible.

Whereas traditional advertising limits the amount of images, colours, and text that can be used, the advantages of online advertising include being able to create a visually rich, colourful, and eye-catching graphic that can more easily draw readers in to your product, and lead them to your website.

Finally, web advertising can help you track your leads, and can help you understand where your clients are coming from. When a visitor to the Jamaica Observer website clicks on your advertisement, you can (through the use of some easy, free, and convenient utilities) easily track the source of your business.

Contact us to learn more about the advantages of online advertising with the Jamaica Observer


Online Advertising Opportunities with the Jamaica Observer

If you have a strong desire to achieve a competitive advantage over others in your industry or to reach both local and international audiences, then the Jamaica Observer website is where you need to advertise.  Regardless of the size of company or budgetary constraints, our Sales Professionals can assist with meeting your online needs. Our online advertising opportunities are designed for businesses who want to reach Jamaican readers, consumers, and potential buyers. Our local online ads are crafted to display your message alongside our breaking, concise, and relevant content that our readers want to see.

In Jamaica, our readers span from Kingston, to Portmore, Negril, Montego Bay, and beyond, and they're looking for the most relevant news about politics, entertainment, sports, and business. When our readers visit the online version of the Jamaica Observer, they see a prominent banner ad on the top of the home page, as well as a similar banner ad at the bottom of the screen, and eye-catching advertisements in the right-hand sidebar. Advertising opportunities include online ads placed on the home page, as well as our popular sub-sections: news, business, sport, lifestyle, teenage, western news, entertainment, video, and photos.

Place Local Online Ads with the Jamaica Observer

Local, online ads are seen by local, online readers, which is one of the best reasons to advertise online with the Jamaica Observer! Online advertising opportunities can appear on each page of content, and our readers within your area of business will see your placement time and time again, which will strengthen the brand, increase trust, and make each ad placement highly memorable. 

And while our sidebar and banner online ads are designed to be highly visible to your potential clients, they are designed in a way that complements the website, instead of crowding it. When you choose online advertising opportunities such as a banner ad or sidebar ad, the graphic will appear in sync with the rest of the content on the page, making your readers more likely to stay on that page and click on your ad.

Did You Know?

  1. enjoys monthly approximately:

    - 13,900,0000 pageviews
    - 2,700,0000 visits
    - 865,000 unique visitors

  3. Since re-launching in early 2009, has grown at an exceptional pace, increasing unique visitors per month year over year over year by as much as 305%.

  4. delivers more than 2.6 million visitors per month, comprising of Jamaicans at home and the wider Diaspora.
  5.     USA                         – 45%
        Jamaica                    – 29%
        Canada                     – 9%
        United Kingdom         – 6%
        Cayman Islands         – 1.5%
  6. 3 – 5% of the U.S. population have Caribbean ties.

  7. More than 700,000 Caribbean-Americans live in South Florida, with an average HHI of US$40k.

  8. Jamaica received more than US$1.9 billion in remittances from the Diaspora and others overseas in 2011.


It is an audience we deliver to our advertisers everyday and it can be yours with



Jamaica Observer Newspaper Advertising Guidelines

The Jamaica Observer’s newspaper advertising guidelines for both the print and digital editions are in place to ensure the publication of accurate, non-libelous, and lawful content. Our ad guidelines stipulate that:

  • Submission of an advertisement for publication consideration does not guarantee publication.
  • The Jamaica Observer retains the right to review and either accept or reject any submission based upon content.
  • Ad submissions must accurately represent the brand or services provided.
  • Ad submissions must be original or proprietary content held by a company, and must not violate current copyright, trademarks, trade names, or any other intellectual rights.
  • Ad submissions must represent a brand or service and must not be libelous against any person or company.
  • Newspaper advertising guidelines are expectations about the content of published materials, and do not limit or guarantee preferred placement or position requests either on the Jamaica Observer website or in the print edition.

The Jamaica Observer works with each potential advertiser to ensure that these guidelines are clear and understandable. Our staff will work to clarify any issues or problems, and will assist you in placing your ad to be seen by our subscribers and readers in Jamaica including Kingston, Montego Bay, Portmore, and Negril.

Why Ad Guidelines?

Our ad guidelines are designed to ensure a standard level of acceptable advertising submissions that will be considered for publication. We want to provide potential advertisers with the up-front knowledge regarding our newspaper advertising guidelines and policies, and we will attempt to negotiate an acceptable compromise if we deem a submission unsuitable for publication. Ads will be declined in instances where a submission cannot be agreed upon by both Jamaica Observer Limited and the advertiser.

Advertising Specifications

The following guidelines have been prepared to ensure that artwork submitted to the Jamaica Observer for newspaper advertising meets the accepted requirements.

Supported Ad Types

We currently support 2 ad types on the website, basic images and flash ads.

Ad Dimensions
Medium Rectangle       – 300 x 250 px (All sections)
Leader Board               – 728 x 90 px (All sections)
Banner                         – 468 x 60 px (Homepage only)
Skyscraper                   – 120 x 600 px ('Page 2' only)

Ad Guidelines – Technical Specifications

Flash - A creative containing animation, sound, video, or interactive features. Requires a Flash (SWF) file

  • Flash 8 or 9 using ActionScript 2
  • Has a clicktag incorporated into the ad for the ability to track clicks
  • Must be no more than 150 kb

Image - A basic image creative. Requires a GIF, JPG, or PNG file

  • RGB Specification
  • No more than 50 kb


Audience Profile for Local Online Advertising with the Jamaica Observer

When you're looking for local, online advertising, the Jamaica Observer is your best placement for ads that will be seen by more Jamaicans than any other outlet. When you advertise with local, online placements, you're reaching your key demographic – your customers who live, work, and play in your neighborhood, and will use your business or services. The Jamaica Observer is distributed throughout Jamaica, from Kingston, to Montego Bay, Portmore, and Negril, and the online version of our paper is available 24/7 around the world.

When you advertise with local, online placements, you reach our variety of readers who are students, business professionals, artists, parents, farmers, manufacturers, and people from all walks of life who read the Jamaica Observer to learn about the most up-to-date news about politics, business, entertainment, sports, fashion, food, culture, world events, and so much more.

Local newspaper advertising reaches viewers of the online version of the Jamaica Observer 24 hours a day. Our readers are culture-savvy, up-to-date with the most recent events, and interested in culture, technology, and new products.

Advertise with Local, Online Placements

With a readership made of a diverse range of Jamaicans, the Jamaica Observer is your best place to advertise. Local, online ads mean local, online leads from people who need and want your services. Local newspaper advertising reaches potentially key clients in your neighbourhood, and Jamaica Observer's 24/7 online format means that your ad will have more viewership by people seeking around the clock information.


Advertise Your Business with the Jamaica Observer

When you want to advertise your business in Jamaica, consider advertising solutions that reach more people, at a lower cost, more quickly. By placing local business ads online with the Jamaica Observer, you're able to reach more potential customers by utilising the power of one of Jamaica's most popular online news sources, open 24 hours a day.

Our readers are constantly looking at the Jamaica Observer online site for the most recent, updated news about politics, entertainment, sports, and current events happening in their area. With well-placed banner and sidebar ads, your eye-catching business ad can draw a reader in with relevant and accurate content, and create a new customer from amongst our readers in and between Kingston, Montego Bay, Portmore, and Negril.

Placing Local Business Ads Online

Placing local business ads with the Jamaica Observer is easy, affordable, and convenient. When you speak with one of our advertising representatives, you'll learn about how to reach more customers, and how to advertise your business while concurrently tracking your leads to see where those customers came from. When you are able to place and track advertisement traffic, your business will receive a powerful insight that cannot be gained from traditional print media such as billboards, flyers, or print advertisements. And one of the major advantages to placing local business ads online is that the total cost is a significant fraction of the amount a business would expect to spend on print advertising, while gaining an exponentially larger reach and visibility.

Contact our sales representatives  to see how you can advertise your business with the Jamaica Observer.



Online Classified Ads with the Jamaica Observer

When you need to place online classified ads with the Jamaica Observer, just click, write, and submit! Individual advertising with us is that easy, and free. Whether you're selling a house, boat, or car, or submitting information about a lost or found item, job posting, personal, or travel opportunities, designing and entering your ad is as simple as a few clicks of your mouse.

Individual Advertising with the Jamaica Observer

All individual advertising online comes with an online ad title, online ad description, item location, one free photo, and a place to enter your contact number. You even have the option to select enhancements for your online newspaper classifieds, such as making yours a featured ad, or a spotlight ad. To upgrade your free package, simply select from the Jamaica Observer's other two available packages, like:

  • Print Sunday and Online
    • 1 Day in Print (Sunday) and Online
    • 7 Lines in Print
    • First Two Words in Bold
    • 30 Days Online
    • 2 Free Photos
    • From $395 more
  • Print Weekday and Online
    • 1 Day in Print (Weekday) and Online
    • 7 Lines in Print
    • First Two Words in Bold
    • 30 Days Online
    • 2 Free Photos
    • From $295 more
Online newspaper classifieds with the Jamaica Observer are a great and affordable way to sell your items or post your listing while getting high visibility and traffic. We're the leading Jamaica newspaper, and your individual advertising online will be seen by readers all over Jamaica, including Kingston, Montego Bay, Portmore and Negril.