Protoje does it 'For The Culture' again

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Reggae music in Jamaica keeps on evolving so beautifully, not entirely because of the support from Jamaicans but because of the support and nurturing of young incredible reggae acts by the more developed artistes, which definitely keeps the wheel ablaze and spinning.
Protoje is among a few others opening the gate and creating a path for upcoming creatives and that is beyond admirable. Live From Kingston last year was a brilliant example of this, which was the ultimate platform to host a sort of 'coming out' affair for young reggae acts such as Lila Ike, Runkus, Royal Blu and a list of others.
For The Culture on Saturday night was not very different, we enjoyed lines and lyrics and rhythms from a string of brilliant in-the-making greats which was quite entertaining.
Sevana kicked things off with a brand new single then seeped into the songs from her Sevana EP that of course had the crowd waving and rocking along to her melodic angel-like vocals.
The highlight of the night, Protoje took stage next after having his band Indiggnation on showcase for a cool roots-rocking 5 minutes or so before kicking things off with Protection from his Ancient Future album then jumping into hits from 8 Year Itch and Seven Year Affair. The singles Love Gone Cold and Sudden Flight featuring the song bird Sevana and Jesse Royal really got the crowd riled up. Mortimer who is also featured on the Ancient Future Album performed Protection with Protoje with his rather very interesting and alluring voice then suddenly everyone was from the bread basket parish singing proudly to every line of the song.
The show ended with featured performances from upcoming acts, Royal Blu, Blvk H3ro, Lila Ike, Nomadzz, Jeeby from the 'Di Vibe' band, Leno Banton and an unforgettable appearance by the youngest talent of the fold, Wayne J who bellowed a few big man lines that made the crowd completely wild!
Blood Money which is Protoje’s latest hit, speaking on the corruption in the Jamaican society caused by the rich and affluent, really resonated with everyone and was a good note to end the night on.
The entire night as a lot of people have been saying was very “culture”, the music and the great vibes and more creative coming-ups, that’s definitely something to always look forward to.