New Beyoncé and Jay Z collab

On February 12 Jay Z, Beyoncé and DJ Khaled gave music fans a reason besides the prestigious Grammys awards ceremony, to rejoice. Shining was released exclusively on Tidal immediately following the close of the ceremony.
The inspirational, upbeat track has Beyoncé reminding you that it's pointless to try to stop her, "Don't you try to slow me down".
Yoncé croons, "Shining, shining, shining, yeah. All of this winning I've been losing my mind." And her husband, rap heavyweight Hov reminds us about all his achievements in music and let's us know that success just seems to follow him around.
The almost five minute long song follows in a similar vein to the theme of progress and glory on Khaled's Major Key, but it's none too clear just yet if Shining will be featured on his upcoming album titled Grateful.
A few things are for sure though: this golden collab is going to take over radio and the album art featuring a spotlight shining on baby Asahd Khaled is absolutely adorable.